Looks like another American right-wing-nut is making their way across the border and causing media frenzy in the True North. Ann Coulter, who I'm sure you all know and love-to-hate, is at the end of her 3 university Canadian tour today. A few days ago at the University of Ottawa she was met with fierce protest and outrage. I'm not sure if the American media even covered the protest, but I've read a bit of Ann's personal take on the event, and it differs greatly from the images and stories from the crowd at the event. She claims the protest was violent and hate-filled. That the protesters forcibly shut down the event. Do these students look violent to you? Some of these people are smiling and just happy to be out in the brink evening chill of a Canadian spring!

The real story from the University of Ottawa is that Coulter's organizers canceled the event themselves and that the protest was peaceful. Also, local news sources confirm that the crowd was not violent and other than some uncharacteristically Canadian screaming and yelling, Coulter was not in danger.

This got me thinking: Has she never been met with protest before? Does she really think a crowd of Canadian youth was going to eat her alive?

Her next stop is today in the conservative capital of the country, Calgary, Alberta.  Like other American conservatives before her, she is welcomed here with open arms. Calgary welcomed George Bush with open arms a few years back and will also give Sarah Palin the red carpet treatment in a few months.

Calgarians aside, Canadians have an intense love of free speech, and I believe that Ann
has the right to speak her mind wherever she chooses if people want to
hear it. I also believe in the right to assembly and to protest. People
feel she is spreading a message of bigotry and hate, and they have every
right to voice that opinion.

Marc - meddlingkids.org

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damn, and here I thought she had finally decided to shut up and disappear. Guess I was being a little too optimistic.
We all wish she would here too. It's embarrassing that Calgary is being painted as 'welcoming'
I miss those days when her jaw was broken.
Well, i might well disagree with what she says, and i do, but i sure stand for her right to say it. And i will try to make it to the event and see what she has to say. If i make it, i will send pictures :-) .. ah and welcoming is not the correct word, more to the respective of her right to freely speak whatever she wants, and more to this freedom is a well respected here in Calgary.
A fellow Calgarian!

Agreed on all counts. I wish i could make it out ... I can only hope for a vigorous Q&A period!

I look forward to seeing your photos :)
Thanks for the support. I ended up not going, life happens :-) But i hear it was quite a tumultuous event with many sub events around it ...
Well she certainly has a right to say whatever she pleases, regardless of how hateful and ignorant it is. I once had the misfortune of hearing that woman speak and now, no matter how much I try, I can't unhear it.
i supose it is the same in Canada as other countries, those who believe in a 'god figure' are the ones that spout their hatred more freely. I think Atheists are a silent majority waiting to pounce. In GB no one seems to care too much about religion, well on religious holidays, yes. except the Churches, afraid of loosing money and power.
I have not heard of this lady but i am sure she is one of those people wanting to jump on the bandwagon to get themselves noticed, and to make money.
One question I want to ask is why do the believers get so angry and shout at you or at least raise their voices, trying to get their point across. It seems they are questioning their own beliefs but do not want the answers, so shut their minds to logic and reason..


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