The tv series is full of wild ideas....


Ancient Alien theorists believe, based on some compelling evidence, that for thousands of years we've been visited by extraterrestrial beings, and that many of our advancements (leaps) in science, physics, etc. were a result of being taught these things by such beings at various times in our historical past. IE, the Mayans, ancient Egyptians, etc. They go on to propose that much of our established beliefs about god and religion are based on ancient visitiations by highly- advanced alien beings (who routinely were desribed as descending from the heavens). Furthermore, it is believed that the ancient ET's actually spread their DNA into our race, and that the immaculate conception of Mary was actually from an extraterrestrial (yes, that Jesus himself was an Alien/human). The theorists also propose that the Ark of the Covenent actually contains ancient alien power, perhaps a radioactive power of some kind). This is all just the tip of the iceberg - the series offers some fascinating theories as to the "truth" of our past.


Does any of this sound reasonable to you? 


I'm by nature skeptical of everything.  LOL


We don't need no stinking radioactive power...we have our own!  

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"Jesus was a scientific moron"....

I don't believe there was a Jesus. None of that bible stuff happened at all. IMHO.
There is no compelling evidence for this. If you believe that, you don't know what constitutes compelling evidence (not you specifically, just saying). It's in vogue for people who know little about evolutionary biology to speculate that because there are 10E+22 stars in the universe, it directly follows that there are up to 10,000 civilizations in our cosmos (via Drake and his equation). You hear this mostly from physicists, astronomers, and some planetary scientists, but you almost never hear that from someone whom has had any training in evolution. I think Drake's nonsense is easily refutable. There are no inevitabilities in evolution such that we would always expect that multicellularity and ultimately intelligence follows from the more probable separate origin of exoplanetary life.

I go into this in a little more depth in a piece that I posted on the subject at

An interesting point that I don't bring up is Michael Shermer's idea that belief in a Star Trek universe may be akin to belief in a religion, and is an inevitable result of growing secularism coupled with how our brains evolved, the sort of connections we try to make to make sense of our environment, and the resultant narratives that we try to construct to have a "satisfactory" explanation ofthe unknown.
lol, this always reminds me of Assassin's Creed with the "Pieces of Eden" and the "Ones Who Came Before". Maybe the secret battle between Assassins and Templars is actually true! :P lol
It sounds about as reasonable as crop circles being made by visiting aliens, that there was a city-state Atlantis that had anti-gravity technology and super-science, and that dinosaurs wiped themselves out by building an anti-matter reactor that exploded off of the coast of Mexico.
...and that dinosaurs wiped themselves out by building an anti-matter reactor that exploded off of the coast of Mexico.

Holy Crap! I have never heard that one before; is that seriously a conspiracy theory?!
Believe it or not, I wrote a paper on agriglyphs and the fact that they are man made. To me agriglyphs (crop circles) are a modern fad that started to fall into a cathegory of urban legends. To me it's like saying that Banksy is an alien just because he is not know and can't be copied.
When I first started on my atheistic path as a teenager, I fell in love with the ideas from "Chariots of the Gods". The idea that extraterrestrials flew here in spaceships and naturally inspired godlike worship from primitive humans seemed to me much more plausible than the supernatural explanation from my Baptist upbringing. I enjoyed finding passages in the KJV to support this theory. My favorite was Genesis 6:2:"That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. "

But after I managed to get accepted at Berkeley where I had the good fortune to really study human evolution, I put these ideas up along side Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. While it makes a great plot for a sci-fi movie, this kind of thinking just doesn't hold up to scientific reasoning. I feel a little silly for having believed this stuff. But hey, I believed in Jesus before that! One thing is for certain; believing that extraterrestrials visit earth in our ancient past was certainly a lot more fun than being a Southern Baptist...
Meh, this theory is far more acceptable to me than the traditional "magical thinking" explanation. At least "aliens did it!" IS a scientific explanation for things. After all, maybe Lazarus wasn't "resurrected" but was simply not dead to Jesus' level of technology (our own definition of "death" has changed substantially in the past 2,000 years). Turning water into wine is easy if you have the technology to manipulate the subatomic particles to form different elements, then different molecules. Walking on water could've been accomplished with some form of anti-gravity device. Healing the blind is something we can do a lot of the time even now.

So sure, it's wild and "out there" but it makes orders of magnitude more sense than the magic sky-daddy and his son-who-was-him. This being the case, I'm content to not laugh at it. Not taking it seriously either, but given that it's better than what Christians currently believe, I have to say that I prefer the "aliens did it" hypothesis.

Also, it was pretty much the whole premise for Stargate, which happens to be my favorite TV show :)
I'm trying to remember where I just heard a clip of someone completely demolishing the "Ancient Alien" theory. Basically, he was pointing out how ludicrous it would be for some distant civilization to devote so many resources to intergalactic travel only to draw some lines in the desert. Why would this alien crew devote their entire lives to such a mission to travel across vast distances of time and space to our tiny little rock in our tiny little galaxy yet leave no truly verifiable legacy? What is the point?

In the end, I think that "Ancient Alien" theories are just another example of anthropocentric thinking; instead of thinking that the world revolves around us, these theorists purport that the universe revolves around mankind.
"he was pointing out how ludicrous it would be for some distant civilization to devote so many resources to intergalactic travel only to draw some lines in the desert"

They were passing by...were bored and doodling? LOL
Lol! :) Maybe it was a bunch of teenage aliens who were joyriding in an intergalactic spaceship and decided to stop and do some graffiti. "Let's tag this planet!"

LOL 'xactly!


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