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I hope some of you have watched this series 'Ancient Aliens'.  I bring it up here, because the 'experts' that are interviewed remind me of supposed experts in the fields of creationism and relgion.

Have any of you watched it?  Like a fking train wreck, I try but I can't look away!  For those who haven't seen it, 'experts' on possible ancient extra-terrestrial visitors discuss how certain hard-to-explain structures or works of art may have come to be.

Take the Egyptian pyramids for example.  An expert will claim something such as "there is simply no way that people 5,000 years ago could have built these pyramids", without any real explanation as to WHY they could not have done it, and immediately jump to the conclusion that they must have been visited by super intelligent aliens who gave them the technology and engineering expertise needed to build such a thing.  They go further and surmise that the reason for the mysterious air shafts running through the Great Pyramid were possibly hydrogen refueling stations for alien spacecraft.  They then provide absurd drawings and examples of how such a thing would work.  They never seem to ask the logical question: why did the aliens stop helping us?  why/how did we lose these technologies?  why is it that the aliens would teach ancient egyptians how to build a hydrogen storage and refueling station, but none of the technology of how to build a hydrogen fueled craft of their own was ever passed on?

It reminds me very much of a believer blindly following what they read in (or are told is in) the bible.  Not thinking for themselves.  Not using REASON.

I really don't know where I am going with this post, just curious what, if anything, others here might think about this show and creationists/believers/blind faith in general?


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Ryan, unexplainable things are not evidence. Things that explain the unexplainable are evidence. As for the phrase "religion of atheism", I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Let me start by sayin sorry for being a jerk, I know I come off like that but its for two reasons. First I belive in scratching the surface to expose the root, because the root of peoples thinking is were you learn the most. And second I feel that by being brash and rough I can pull comments out of people that normally wouldnt speak up.

I agree that I need proof before I will say something is real. Problem is I like to try and stay as open minded as possible for things not proven, so that it keeps dreams alive and persuades me to explore new aspects of science and discover what others said was impossible.

The main reason I stick up for ancient aliens, is because I never knew about the nazca lines, or pacu pichu whatever its called, etc. and to get to see these cool things without your normal negative theist aspects of the discoveries is awesome.

Now another reason I have my panties in a bunch, is because of the atheist that are actually allowed on tv are idiots.
Your comment about atheism as a religion came in after my last post. I wanted to say sorry but I really wanna hear why its not. I Know its not, but its a huge arguement by where I live and so I was hoping to hear more replies to that one. See another reason I usually attack is because you can get those fast passionate less time to think responses that are more like debating in real life, with a ton of time and a wikipedia to instantly source.
I live in UTAH, ahh! So these things come up a lot. Fortunetly there is a handful of suppressed youth here wantin a chance.
The simplest reason that atheism is not a religion is that at its core, atheism is nothing more than someone saying "I don't accept your claim that there is a god/gods". Nothing more. No teachings, no rules to follow or rituals to perform, no mandated beliefs or official dogma. It's really no different than not believing in leprechauns or pixies.

You don't even have to reject the claim for good reasons. While many of us reject the claim that a god exists due to the lack of evidence, there are those who disbelieve for irrational reasons. The Raelians are an excellent example. They don't believe in gods because they believe that all of the myths about gods were caused by visiting aliens who genetically engineered humans. There's no evidence for that either, of course. So, technically they are an atheistic religion, but the religion does not come from their atheism but from the beliefs, rituals, dogmas and such of their alien-worship.
Ok, makes sense to me but a often hear that it is a religion because as much as people need god not to exist in order for their, belief structure to be true. I wish I could remember the arguement better.?.? Dang.
It's a fairly common straw man put forth by those people who have difficulty accepting a different type of worldview than a religious one. They assume that everyone has to be religious about something, and try to turn 'not believing on God' into a faith position when it's no different than their non-belief in flying pigs.

It's also often combined with the claim that all atheists claim to be 100% certain that there is no god, which cannot be proven. While gnostic atheists do exist, they're a definite minority. Much more common are atheists who do not claim certainty.



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