Just so you all know now , Atheists do not give to charity or build hospitals or orphanages. You don't see Atheists sacrificing to help the needy.  


Only Christians do this.  Christians build hospitals to help children and those who suffer.  


From the mouth of my Pastor.  He is a follower of God so he must be correct ... correct?  


Discuss.  Links to stats and evidence would be great :)

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I guess he's never heard of Humanism.
And even then, as is normally quoted by so many internet religious goons, the point system remains invalid because good people don't get into heaven.  If heaven isn't filled with good people, what IS it filled with?
Until they pull out their OTHER favorite weapon from their never ending bag of tricks, the No True Scotsmen defense.

I voluntered at the administrative office of a rotating shelter that housed clients in a different church or synagogue every week. I always wanted to give back for assistance I recieved at  low point in my life, and the fact that I dont believe in an intervening god and pretty much tolerate religion was disconcerting to some of the clients and church volunteers. This is info I never volunteered, only when verbally poked and prodded. Also, I think motivation for charitable contributions and donations for medical research comes from a common humanity and shared experiences e.g. many of us have had friends and family who suffered with select ills and ailments.

Church members are expected to tithe, some of  which is supposedly going to some sort of charity or another, if not to cover administrative costs and pastor-reverand-priest lifestyle.

I think perhaps we are more philanthropic.  We don't believe in an afterlife, so we are rather concerned about the planet now.  We are not bound to a certain set of beliefs, so we don't limit our caring to those who are believers or of a specific belief, we won't discriminate on race or sexual status, etc.  We are supporters of science, so we want to support ventures that are going to advance environmental health, as well as better support current sufferers of diseases we are working to eradicate.  


Here are some links to humanist/atheist charitable organizations:





Religion has deemed “Charity” to be one of it pillars. They believe they invented it and therefore own the concept so they don’t “get it” that an Atheist might donate his/her time or money because they don’t belong to any religion.
Pity, I was sure that I gave to charity. But Mr. Pastor has revealed that I must have been being scammed all along... But on a serious note, that opinion is horribly bigoted and without a shred of evidence. Heck, he'd have to actively ignore the several prominent Atheists that are quite the philanthropists and the many like us who give aid as best we can. Heck, my wife and I regularly give donations to our local humane society (and I don't even bother to claim it on my taxes) as well.

Why does this even need discussion? It's a patently offensive statement which also happens to be ass-backwards.


Obviously, Christians are far more charitable than atheists. They give millions of dollars to those nice men on TV who perform miracles.
You should thank him for demonstrating so clearly that lying is not a bar to being a pastor. There are numerous examples of atheists giving to charity, helping the needy, etc.
Yeah, because I don't advertise for the Nonbelievers Giving Aid fund on my blog or anything.

Try this:


Any Google search brings up a ton of Atheist humanitarian names.


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