Just so you all know now , Atheists do not give to charity or build hospitals or orphanages. You don't see Atheists sacrificing to help the needy.  


Only Christians do this.  Christians build hospitals to help children and those who suffer.  


From the mouth of my Pastor.  He is a follower of God so he must be correct ... correct?  


Discuss.  Links to stats and evidence would be great :)

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Wow.... that's not quite right. I for one volunteer at a local food bank and I plan to do a trip for habitat for humanity or another of those organizations. I am sure there are a lot more like me who dont believe in a god but like to help people.

You should tell him that we do nice things for people because we care, we don't need a god to makes us act nice. I hope my input helped :) 

Nelson included this link that speaks to the topic in his Sunday School post today. http://epiphenom.fieldofscience.com/2011/01/atheists-are-generous-t...

Sorry to be skeptical Adriana , but it's a 'team' , is it not?  How much money is given as a way for the individual members to want to see their team 'win' in the rankings , rather than just giving because they want to?  


I think Atheists have an agenda to let people know they are generous - but imo I have to suggest this is a possible factor (stressing the word possible) in the raw numbers - not the level of generosity.


But I also realize Religious people give not because they truly want to , but because it's institutionalized as a rule.  



I think Atheists have an agenda to let people know they are generous


Yes.  Because that's exactly what I think when I'm organizing a fundraising drive.  It's not, wow, I'm actually doing something to combat child trafficking. I'm thinking, "Boy, won't some unknown fundie's face be red when they see how generous I am."


That's just an incredibly assholish statement to make.  It's not "skeptical"; it's "cynical".

Hmm.  I say he is 'my' pastor because he is the one who hired me.  It is also easier than to say 'The pastor of whom operates the church I am the pianist for'.  Heh.  


To Laura's comment above , your defensive tone suggests you haven't stepped back and seen the entire picture.  We all know that human beings can give money for a multiplicity of reasons.  Humans are also competitive.  So I think my statement is still quite justified.  


Again , stress the 'possible factor'.  A factor is a part of something , and possible means 'a chance it exists'.  So there is a FACT that there is a small chance that some atheists are giving a bit % more because they feel they have something to prove.  


Adriana , I do believe all humans are selfish.  But that is not at all a negative trait.  We all do what makes us feel good.  Some people feel good by helping others and some feel good by living their lives without caring for others.  So I am in fact a little skeptical about the big difference between the atheistic / agnostic / freethinker team and the other teams ;)

I will tread as softly as a Jain.  ;) Thanks for the advice.  


Oh , if you care - Richard Dawkins is also a physicist.  He was introduced in the sermon as 'The Atheist and physicist, Richard Dawkins ... '


So he is no longer an evolutionary biologist and ecologist. 


At least the big hitting atheists are getting 'some' recognition inside churches even if it isn't positive haha.  

I'm glad to be informed about this. Better late than never I shall think.  This will save me quite a bit of money the coming year.
This is hilarious as I donate monthly to the CARE organization that fights global poverty.
Bill Gates is an atheist.
Aaaand that's the ballgame folks.  Nice of the pastor to show up, but I think we just won.  Goodnight everybody!
If you consider agnostics as also atheists , then yes he is.

I raised $470 last year and donated it to http://love146.org , an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking worldwide and provides aftercare to kids who've been saved from slavery.


I am an atheist.


Therefore, statement false.


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