I am genuinely curious what you all think of this...


Please watch the video and then....what are your thoughts?

I do not yet know my opinion except that I definitely see that in my own dating life in the past, I never felt in control.... I think there could be some truth to this....Im just not sure lol

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I am horrified by this. It makes me sick and horridly sad for young Americans.

Belle...could you tell us what you think about this video?

Please see my comment under Matt's response.... I saw a lot of truth to it and that's why I brought it up. My experience with men has been just as the video says. They are entitled, in control, and I don't have much say about that. And if I don't put out then they'll find someone who will. That has been my experience since childhood where I grew up. Imagine a world where men were expected to behave themselves and have to be serious about you before you are expected to give them your everything...

jesus,Belle, look for an atheist next time.

I'm not looking for anyone because I'm not ready. But just sayin' that has been my reality.


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