as i have posted in my recent blog.
i have a colleague that saw me reading post here. she then, made me her "mission".
she told me read a verse from the bible each day, reflect on it, live it etc.... (just read my blog) until i realize that what i believe in is wrong and that "i am a lost sheep waiting for the shepherd to rescue me and lead me to the light"
I politely decline, but as all religious person i have met are, it's hard to convince her that i don't need her help.
how can i make her stop "helping" me???

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Lost sheep waiting for the shepherd... We've organized a resistance and openly seek to poop in the shepherds sandals so that everyone else can match the aroma with the reality of his words.
I recommend that you read Psalm 137:9 to her if she has kids and tell her that you need her help to make you happy.

If she persists, read her 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
Interesting game.

Please accept this game only if you let her read a quote of a famous ( atheistic ) person in return or a 'bad' verse that's in the bible. PM me for a website with this. Try pointing out what the bible is and the reasons why it is invalid. You can look for them here. You read one, she reads one. You comment on her verse, she comments on your quote. Do not go with the prayers if you don't want to. They are too much bullshitting.

Also, try to use your reason. Common sense is the best weapon against superstition. Do not use emails. Tell her politely that if you want to talk, you have to do it in a conversation.
I like this idea! It could be your daily entertainment to pick apart her ridiculous Bible verses.
Yeah... you might want to try the book "50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God".

Tell her to read one of the reasons in that book and you'll read something from the Bible, then discuss.
first, I just want to wish you luck. This is the reason I wouldn't ever read posts from a site like this at work. or even be out about my atheism for that matter. It's not that I'm ashamed, I just dont want to have to deal with the "missions".

make her see that "she is also a lost sheep waiting for the shepherd to rescue her". In other words, you have found you're own ways to deal with life, while she is following a religion that doesn't offer anything different then what you've found. now, she will argue and say that she has eternal life, and that she has learned to live with more peace in her life, but the later can be debated...the eternal life part? explain to her why you do not beleive in eternal life, or a soul for that matter.

have you read the bible? I doesn't help her cause, I'll tell you that. It's a good reason why I am an atheist in the first place. Maybe you should point out some of the flaws, inconsistencies and just plain monstrosities that are in the bible.

also, try to get her to understand under what circumstances the bible was written.

here's a thought. Get her to give you a reason why she disregards other religions. but dont let her use any quote from the bible to do it. Make her realize that other religious doctrine are the same as hers. and until she can give you a good reason why she doesn't beleive them, then she has a chance of seeing why you dont beleive hers. nothing. Let her breath hot air. Chances are, you are not going to change the way she thinks anyway.

lol, tell you're boss she is harassing you about religion. it's illegal you know.
Throw her the horns and hiss at her!

No, maybe not. But that would be fun. I think you should do the same thing to her, only with atheism. Send her scientific articles, quotes from atheists, links to atheist sites, and ask her to please reflect on these things so that she can realize that what she believes in is wrong. And don't be sarcastic. Ben annoyingly genuine.
tell her to F off
Sorry for that. Let her give you a daily bible verse, only under the conditions that you are allowed to giver a daily bible verse as well. This link has some nice verses.
The bible is filled with tons of evil and hate that you can quote to her. You'll never run out of material. Good luck.
Ask her if reading The God Delusion would turn HER into an atheist. When she says no (which of course she will) tell her that the same principle applies to you - except that you choose to live your life reflecting on and living reality, rather than the musings of bronze-age sheep herders.

Not everyone is a sheep looking for a shepherd - some are wolves looking for sheep :)
You poor soul.

I will pray for you ... and ask the flying spaghetti monster to guide you in this valley of darkness ... this valley of irrationality and blatant denial of true reality that you must endure every day while working in a Catholic School.

If it makes you feel any better, I am the pianist for a Lutheran Church. Now they realize I am an atheist. Beautifully though, they do not engage in 'missions' with me. They are very respectful of that , and actually are quite understanding as to why I reject the idea of God ... but the pastor continues to give sermons about nonbelievers who will not particularly 'enjoy' their afterlives in Hell ... thing with this church is that I may speak my mind to individuals when they ask me with curiosity ... are you REALLY an atheist ?????

But you play so beautifully!!!! You do realize God is working through you?

Then I politely tell them that slightly offends me as I devoted much of my life to studying piano, and that it degrades the work and effort I have done to say someone they happen to believe just gifted it to me.

That's the most I can get away with though ... so If it does not jeopardize your position in the school, be upfront with her. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

But I think agreeing to study the bible with her, as long as you get to pick the bible verses is the best idea (heh.)
If you're living in the U.S., you might threaten to report her for harassing you in the workplace. This is what could be considered a "hostile working environment". She has no legal right to pester you about this and, in fact, your place of employment is not the place for her to be evangelizing. You should be able to focus on your work and not be distracted by her solicitations.

You can ask your boss to tell her to leave you alone without telling him/her you are atheist. Your religious convictions are irrelevant in the workplace. If your boss won't tell her to leave you alone, go above your boss' head. I may be taking this to an extreme, but you have a legal right to be left alone (if you're in the U.S.)


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