You know when you graduate college...well at least at my college we all contributed something to a time capsule that was basically a huge box and buried underground and sealed with a stone engraved with the year of graduation...and then years later we'll open it and reminisce etc... seems that Think Atheist is about to be sealed like a time capsule. Something of the past and although our new site will go on, and relationships built will hopefully continue at the truth is that it's not quite the same. It's as if the past 7 years will be frozen in time and we'll be able to look at it and see it, but even that is not really a for sure thing. You never know what can happen to things posted online. It's a reminder that our relationships are what's important. 

So I just thought about this discussion being about whatever we want the legacy of Think Atheist to be. I hope everyone will go to the new site and we will continue like normal. I really hope that. But I think we should pay tribute to the community we've built here. I think we should appreciate that it's the PEOPLE that make our community unique. Not the domain name or the platform intricacies. 

So what do you all want to say about our community and our vision for the future? Where are we headed as a community the rest of 2015 and beyond? What do the next 7 years hold?

I personally would like to see our community to continue to thrive and begin to move our ideas into action. I would like to see us take our debates to another level and continue to better the world we live in. I would like to see more sophisticated theists continue to be attracted to our debates, and I would like to continue to discuss difficult current issues and do more than just belabor our points and split hairs over issues. I would like to see us find unique ways to really DO something as an online community. 

Whatever the future holds, I hope we can continue bringing Atheists and freethinkers together for years to come. And I hope to not lose connection with you all.....thanks....

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