Okay. So my family was with me at Skyline Chili. [Well everyone except my dad]. And I was eating my 3-way [cincinnati chili, spaghetti, and cheese] and listening in [somewhat] on the chatter going on at the dinner table. My brother was dominating the conversation as usual, and I knew better than to attempt to chime in, so I just ate my 3- way and listened, fairly disinterested as he talked about school, and gossiped about friends... and then he said that "it's almost embarrassing for a man not to be a slob, I mean you've gotta drop some food on your clothes." I was thinking.... What? Ewww...


But then... things got interesting,... and irritating.

My brother made ANOTHER subtle conversion attempt on me. Although I'm sure if I asked him about it, he would deny it. It started from that "male's should be slobs" conversation....


This may not be his exact words, but it is the best that I can remember them...


Brother: I spilled ketchup on my tux at Junior prom.

Mom: (confused) You spilled ketchup on your tux at BOTH proms?

Brother: No, Mom. Just Junior Prom. Anyhow... you know how you can NEVER get ketchup out of anything?

[My thoughts] Well, most of the time... you can't.

Brother: I tried to get it off with a napkin, but it wouldn't come off. So I went into the bathroom and I prayed. And then I used just a wet paper towel... and it didn't just come off, it was spotless. I PRAYED and it was SPOTLESS! Kinda makes you think, doesn't it? [He asked pointedly... I knew he was talking to me, even though he wasn't looking at me.]


I quickly stared as hard as I could at my plate. It wasn't that what he said affected me... lol... quite the opposite. I thought it was the DUMBEST personal experience story I had ever heard. I was staring at my plate so they wouldn't see that I was struggling not to crack up.


I don't know what was funnier... his idiotic story, or the fact that eveyone but me looked very serious and awestruck.



What? Does God work at the dry cleaners? lmao


That TOTALLY made my day! XD

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Dude that looks delicious. Wish I lived in Cinci...
You can purchase cans of cincinnati chili from their website and as long as you have spaghetti noodles and shredded cheddar cheese you can make 3 ways and cheese coneys. Oh... and you may not like the taste of the chili the first time... it's rather strong and cincinnati chili is somewhat of an aquired taste [like wine is].
Main Website:

Where to purchase cans for delivery to your home in the middle of "mormon central" [lol].


I would suggest just ordering a bunch of cans of chili [it's listed as "just get me the chili"], and then buying spaghetti and cheese [ or, if you want a coney, hot dogs, hot dog buns, and cheese] at your local grocery store.

It's really simple to make skyline chili stuff...

For 3-way...
Cook spaghetti...
Open can of chili and put in a small sauce pan over medium - medium-high heat... and stir occasionally [watch it! It has a tendency to boil over] until it reaches a slight boil.

Put spaghetti on plate and pour chili over it and top with cheese.

For cheese coney...
cook hot dog[s]
cook chili [as indicated above]
Put hot dogs in buns and pour [carefully] chili over hot dog
top with cheese...

Yep... that's pretty much what it is. When did you go to Skyline?
Thats just heinous, taking all the credit away from that poor wet paper towel when it does all the dirty work. For shame
Won't somebody think of the towels?
So that's how my dry cleaners do it!
Great story.If I was there and heard what he said I think I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing.


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