I am watching a rerun of one of the episodes of the American Bible Challenge.  This is a quiz sho based on knowledge of the Christian Bible.

One of the questions asked what percentage of 100 interviewed thought dinosaurs were on the ark.

The answer was 27%.  Should I or we be appalled that such a percentage would believe this.  It almost boggles the imagination.

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I completely, emphatically agree.

I'm appalled that any believe there was really an ark!

    Mark Twain, in his book, Letters from the Earth, offered a description of what Noah’s animal collection effort must have been like:

“However the thing that really and finally and definitely determined Noah to stop with enough species for purely business purposes and let the rest become extinct, was an incident of the last days: an excited stranger arrived with some most alarming news. He said he had been camping among some mountains and valleys about six hundred miles away, and he had seen a wondrous thing there: he stood upon a precipice overlooking a wide valley, and up the valley he saw a billowy black sea of strange animal life coming. Presently the creatures passed by struggling, fighting, scrambling, screeching, snorting - horrible vast masses of tumultuous flesh! Sloths as big as an elephant; frogs as big as a cow; a megatherium and his harem huge beyond belief; saurians and saurians and saurians, group after group, family after family, species after species - a hundred feet long, thirty feet high, and twice as quarrelsome; one of them hit a perfectly blameless Durham bull a thump with its tail and sent it whizzing three hundred feet into the air and it fell with a sigh at the man’s feet and was no more. The man said that these prodigous animals had heard about the Ark and were coming. Coming to get saved from the flood. And not coming in pairs, they were all coming: they didn’t know the passengers were restricted to pairs, the man said, and wouldn’t care a rap for the regulations, anyway - they would sail in that Ark or know the reason why. The man said the Ark would not hold the half of them; and moreover they were coming hungry, and would eat up everything there was, including the menagerie and the family.
    “All these facts were suppressed in the Biblical account. You find not a hint of them there. The whole thing is hushed up. Not even the names of those vast creatures are mentioned. It shows you that when people have left a reproachful vacancy in a contract they can be as shady about it in Bibles as elsewhere. Those powerful animals would be of inestimable value to man now, when transportation is so hard pressed and expensive, but they are all lost to him. They all got drowned. Some of them as much as eight million years ago.”

Actually, I'm surprised that 27% figure is as low as it is, given the exalted status of religion  (make that "Christian" religion) in his country.  We Americans are the most ignorant and misinformed people in the civilized world.  As most countries embrace the future and its promise of increased knowledge, we Americans, led by an extremely reactionary political party, are moving in the opposite direction - back to medieval times.  

What I find appalling is the abominably poor quality of science instruction in the U.S.  As a former science teacher who knew a number of other "science" teachers, I found it disturbing that most of them did not believe in evolution, and NONE of them understood it.  Why?  Because their own teachers when they were in school did not understand it, either.  Mine didn't.  What is more: most Americans don't WANT to understand it. 

RE: "We Americans are the most ignorant and misinformed people in the civilized world." - I respect you greatly, Dale, but in this instance, you're mistaken. Islam proves there are those even more ignorant and misinformed than we - we stopped killing our unbelievers a couple of hundred years ago (hence your and my existence).

That percentage of 100 interviewed thought dinosaurs were on the ark.

Hah.  These are the rocket scientists.  Many believe that the dinosaurs never existed at all and the fossils are just deceptions planted by Satan.

Day Planners are SO indispensable - even T-Rex used to have one --


1) Kill something!
2) Eat it!

1) Kill something!
2) Eat it!

1) Kill something!
2) Eat it!

From the Secular Coalition for America:

Since just April 1, 2013:

  •   North Carolina legislators proposed a bill declaring their right to establish an official state religion.
  •  US Senator (R, LA) David Vitter sent a letter to his constituents that read, "Easter reminds us to look past our many self-made problems and remember that God gave his only Son for our salvation.
  • US Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) spoke before the Subcommittee on Energy and Power and said, "… the Great Flood is an example of climate change and that certainly wasn’t because mankind had overdeveloped hydrocarbon energy." 
  • Caving under pressure from the religious lobby including US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Obama administration softened its contraceptive mandate by rescinding 3 of the 4 criteria for exemption allowing most religious employers to deny contraceptives to their employees
  • In Washington state, where a bill that would allow discrimination based on religious beliefs is being considered, the attack was venomous as well as ignorant. When asked what rural gays should to do if the only gas station or grocery store for miles won't sell them gas and food, a staffer in Washington State Senator Mike Hewitt's office answered "Well, gay people can just grow their own food."


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