..I'm so tired of hearing this crap.
I'd like a simple list of proof to negate it, and some of the arguments I might hear for it so I know what to expect and have a counter at hand.


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What do the things written on the Washington monument have to do with anything that George Washington may have done?
I guess if someone engraves 'Here lies a life-long atheist' on Thomas J Portman's tombstone, that makes it true.
Not an answer, but something to have fun with (or whatever you feel is appropriate!)

George Washington and Religion

An article with some decent insight, and lists sources (even though it doesn't do precision citing).
Actually there are many references that we are NOT even founded as a "Nation".

We are a Federal Constitutional Republic comprising fifty states, and each state was meant to be sovereign and there was expected to be many "nations" within the states. (Cherokee Nation, etc...)

What we are bordering on now due to the massive intrusion by the unlimited power of our centralized government is the singular "United State".

The Pledge of Allegiance was a tipping point where the idea of "one nation (under GOD none the less)" took firm hold. This is a HUGE mistake because we are many nations (and some people don't believe in God). If all Atheist had a similar culture they could be their own nation as well. The only thing that we should be able to agree on is "liberty and justice for all" which was the purpose of the pledge (united for liberty). Only later religious collectivists added (under God). (Once upon a time the requirement to be American was to denounce the king and pledge allegiance to the Constitution).



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