The events of the last few weeks have made a profound change in my way of thinking. The Kenyan Shopping mall, the Pakistani attacks on the christian minority, the actual objectives of the Syrian "rebels", amongst others has stripped my tolerance of "religious freedom" to nil.

I've gone to quoting Cato the Elder with "Islam Delenda Est" (Carthago delenda est - Carthage must be destroyed).

I feel that maybe I've gone off the deep end, but the evidence tells me that Islam is a danger to all humanity.

It may be that I have lost a positive part of my personality, but sometimes reality sucks.

I feel diminished, but I feel no discomfort.

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Islam must be destroyed? How many Muslims do you know and how well do you know them? If all you know of a religion is its ugliest side, how can you judge it?  There are a billion Muslims, and many of them are content to practice a form of Islam which does not lead to suicide bombing or jihad. 

Perhaps a better rallying cry would be Extremism delenda est?

Please don't let the hatred of others twist you into one who hates.

There are aspects of the religion which make it possible for some to be extremists and others passive. And since their holy writ just like any other do not allow for alteration, how would you propose we weed out the extremists?

There's an old saying which goes "One bad apple spoils the barrel." 

Look at it another way: If there were an exploding dog phenomenon, and now and then a dog would explode and kill several dozen people here and 3000 people there, how long would it take to set about phasing all dogs out of existence even though most dogs would never explode? (Of course I'm assuming that no solution would be found to stop random dogs from exploding.)

In a few decades, we'd all become cat owners.

I maintain that, though slower to take effect, education trumps bullets. These are people, just like you and - well, maybe not you --

Exploding Pets... one could write a short story about that, no? But I wouldn't focus on maiming any specific kind of pet owners, except perhaps the extremely religious.

Do you know the difference between the Westboro Baptist Church and the friendly Methodist church down the street from you? It's how they answer and understand certain questions. The most hateful installation of Christians in this country could have been literally any church in the country, and trust me, there are a few of them. I'm with Unseen on this one. One bad church can and will do everything in it's power to spoil the lot of them. I'm also anti-violence, so I'll have to go with Archie, and root for education in the long run, and common fucking sense in the short run. Don't allow any Islamic nation to have atomic power. It shan't be pretty if it happens.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has nukes.

Pakistan deadly bomb targets Peshawar polio campaign

Two people, one a police officer, have been killed by a bomb which went off near anti-polio campaigners in Pakistan, say police.

The blast struck a van near a hospital in Budh Bher suburb of the north-western city of Peshawar.

A death toll of six was given earlier but later corrected by police.

Pakistan is one of only three countries where polio remains endemic, due in part to militant resistance to polio mass vaccination campaigns.

Militants have attacked and killed health workers and banned immunisation teams from some areas, forcing hundreds of thousands of children to miss vaccinations.

The other person killed in Monday's attack was a member of a local "peace committee", who opposed the Taliban, and was riding in a van as part of the anti-polio campaign, said police officials.

A man carries a girl injured in a bomb blast to the Lady Reading Hospital for treatment in Peshawar on 7 October

Pictures from the scene showed a young girl injured in the blast

At least 12 people are reported to have been injured. Reports said many were police, but an injured young girl was also pictured in images from the scene.

The team inside the van was supposed to be accompanying the health workers administering polio vaccines in order to protect them, reports said.

One of them, Rasheed Khan, told Reuters news agency: "I was with the polio team. As soon as we reached the front of the hospital... there was a blast right in front of the gate.

"We were around 12 or 13 people."

Police had earlier reported a higher toll but corrected this upon confirmation from medical sources.

The explosive device was reported to havebeen detonated remotely.

The Pakistani news website Dawn quoted police as saying another, bigger, bomb had been found in the vicinity of the first one and the bomb disposal squad called in to defuse it.

Pakistan's high commissioner to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan, said the object of such attacks was to gain worldwide publicity "and make the world afraid of coming to Pakistan's assistance when we need... a lot of assistance".

A fake hepatitis vaccination campaign, run covertly by the CIA, helped to locate al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in 2011. He was then killed in an operation by US Navy Seals.

Since then all vaccination teams have been at greater risk of militant attack.

The Taliban accuse health workers of working as US spies and allege that the polio vaccine makes children sterile.

A rising tide of violence has hindered new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's overtures to end the militant insurgency through peace talks with the Taliban.

Peshawar has been particularly hard hit. In just over two weeks, it has suffered four attacks which between them left more than 150 people dead.

[original story here]


A fake hepatitis vaccination campaign, run covertly by the CIA,

Wait...the vaccines they handed out weren't fake, were they?

Or maybe the Taliban was planning some kind of sterilization campaign, for girls who don't praise Allah enough. (I'm trying to joke, but it wouldn't surprise me.)

I wish we could steer the discourse to be more about extremism than the specific religion. According to a video I watched yesterday (was it Ache's?), the current Koran looks like a gross mistranslation of the originally written documents, which had a much more peaceful message. Even if I'm wrong, our message should not be that Islam is more evil than Christianity, but that the Imams, Haddiths, Sharia, and so on have been terrible interpreters and interpretations.

I thought you weren't allowed to translate the Koran, according to the Koran. I thought their contention was that Arabic was the language of Allah and the Koran isn't really the Koran in any other language.


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