I got into this very long debate.  It stemmed from a post I made about child indoctrination on Facebook.  I have 286 friends on FB most of which are red-state conservative fundamentalists so the most spry opposition throws itself at me and I find I'm getting exhausted.  Sloppy maybe?  I'm trying to make sense here but I feel like I'm having a hard time making my point.  I understand if no one wants to read this entire thread as it's about to be at 99 comments when I posted this very forum entry.  Here it is.  I would love any intellectual feedback.  Criticize away.


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Well, perhaps staying on topic might help. I read about half way down then  skipped to the end.

 It seemed to me it started with childhood indoctrination then turned into a debate over evolution, then all over the place coming back to evolution and indoctrination at times. LOL! Kind of funny really.

 Also there is the social sensitivity aspect. Your call but I say it is ok to use it. I use sarcasm when I'm being harassed, bullied or feel insulted. I do this however, I have to keep in mind that my point may be taken but lost in the way that it was expressed. Whats it called when one debates for their own personal pleasure? ;)

 Try to keep in mind that religious people often put about as much stock into facts as we do faith. Some people are truth seekers and others -I think - find it romantic to have faith. (my take on it anyhow)

 Did you go too far? I would have dropped it out of pure exhaustion before then but thats just me.

 Were you trying too hard? I'd say you both were in the sense that all that energy was exerted and neither one of you convinced the other of anything.

 Drop it? No. Not if you don't want to. Meet him for coffee 1 on 1 if you want. If you wanna drop it in this case or future cases then don't hesitate. It's not about looking good for the people. It's about reaching people with sound truth.

 That's just my thoughts for what its worth.

It turned out that one person started to debate me on Evolution.  They stopped.  Another came immediately after and challenged me ethically as a person.  Then in the end another person claiming to be an atheist starting feeding me apologetics, christian sytle.  I felt exhilarated before, but now I'm just exhausted.  Thanks for the reply.

I forgot to add this. I dunno if you're interested but Duke University is doing these "How to Argue" via coursera.org courses. I'm going to start soon (maybe this morning). Here is a link if you're curious.:


Yeah the movement of goalposts can be difficult to deal with especially when a new person enters an argument. You have two options, state clearly "you are getting off the topic this is what we are talking about" and bring them straight back or (because I like to argue a lot) just change with them. It just means you have to know your stuff. I found this website very helpful http://wiki.ironchariots.org/

just tell him to fuck off and that your beliefs are your business not his or anybody elses. hes a retard though. science has proved that the world wasnt made in seven days watch the science channel. they prove that shit all the time. evolution too. it has been proven that the bible is bull people are just to dumb to believe it



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