Hello members of Think Atheist.  I am about to post a comment I made in the 'The black people' discussion.  


It is as follows.  



"It depends on 'how' you criticize a group of people.  


It is a fact that in the USA , the highest %'s of crime is due to Blacks - and generally there is a positive correlation between the population density of blacks in large cities to an increase in crime rate.  


It is also a fact that most inner city schools are a majority Black.  They also have the lowest test scores.  


It is also a fact that most 'hip-hop' and 'rap' music on the market includes a lot of Black people cursing, and talking about doing drugs in their cars, killing cops, hittin up dem 'hoes', dropping out of school, etc. 


It is also a fact that there are many Blacks in this country who openly speak out about the Black community and criticize them ... and rightfully so.  


But this is obviously not because they are Black.  It is because of social and economic reasons.  You need to be careful how you analyze the situation - to say these symptoms are because they are 'Black' is just disgustingly ignorant.  But the fact does remain that blacks are a problem in the USA communities.  


My uneducated reason for this - is because after slavery was abolished - Black people were still either feared / hated / put down / segregated , etc ... and only in the past few decades have they started to be accepted as 'human beings' by the vast majority of whites.  


But I will say publically that they are not doing their job as a group in our country to better themselves and to make great lives for their children.  Many are too busy putting down education - getting involved in drugs - getting young teen women pregnant (or getting themselves pregnant) - and paying too much attention to popular black media that makes millions of dollars every year keeping blacks in their same positions.  


It's not cool to impregnate - be a drug dealer - talk about killing cops - breaking the law - poppin bottles in da ice like a blizzard - or using extremely vulgar language - or using a form of music lyric ebonix.  


With all that said, if evidence was put forth that white populations were in fact less intelligent - this would easily be accepted.  If it points to Blacks - riots would occur.  I personally believe that Black people as a race are stronger - bigger - more athletic compared to their white / asian counterparts.  This is easily observed.  


Why can't the IQ or intelligence also be relative?  I'm not saying it's true - I'm just saying it's a possibility - as I assume intelligence is part of the genes.  As is your height - weight - etc.  


Fire away at me - I'm sure most of you who criticize my post will have misread it thinking I'm being racist - when in fact I'm not.  


Ok, so my question is - does this comment of mine exhibit racism?

I would honestly like to know your opinions.

Just as Atheists say they are 'open' to evidence that Gods exist - so I am 100% open to discovering a certain racial group may have increased or decreased intelligence. I in no way was saying anything remotely close to implying Black people are less intelligent as a 'race'. If my comment implied this, I apologize. But I don't think it does.

I am only posting this because I believe I am being unjustly flamed by another forum member. I did not result to name calling , or flaming in any such way. I expressed an opinion , however 'racist' that opinion may be, I leave it up to the reader. But even so, I don't believe it justifies the response given by said forum member. I also apologize if posting a new discussion is improper forum etiquette , as the other discussion is a bit confusing to read, with the other poster and myself flaming / defending each others posts.

Thanks again.

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1976 is 6% - 2005 is 8.8%  That is quite a steady increase in Black on White homicides.  


It is also interesting to note that the White on Black has stayed precisely within the same %'s with minimal fluctuation.  


Also, that Black on Black has declined a few % points overall.  


But this also means that out of let's say 100,000 homicides - 8,800 of those were Black on White homicides - as opposed to 3,200 for White on Black.  


Considering Blacks make up 12% of the entire population, I'd say that is pretty damn striking.  


But yes, I'm sure white cops like to abuse their powers and do extremely horrific things.  But Most cops are white - and many of the crimes are done by blacks - so I think sometimes it may just be a statistical accident - but I admit there are some white officers who have and will purposefully target an innocent black teenager for instance - in a horrific crime.  


Plus I live near Baltimore - what I see with my own eyes are communities that are all black.  There are very few communities near where I live where a nice mixture of race is involved.  I still think the higher Black on White crimes are more significant when taking that into account.  


If there aren't white people around to murder ... how is there such an extremely high number of them being killed by blacks?  And trust me, white people don't go into the inner city for a cup of coffee in Baltimore.  

How many black people are you friends with? I'm thinkin you be watchin too much Glenn Beck. You are the reason Jim Crow was allowed to persist for so long. People like you.
So I guess the Jews aren't still recovering from being decimated in WWII.They should get over it, since it was so long ago and stop whining about their dead relatives then right?
Making broad assumptions about people based on race leads to systematic racism, like you know, in Nazi Germany and the USA. It still exists. Poor little unfortunate suburb dwelling white boy. The black folks is comin ta get cha!!!! Maybe get you on drugs, get your sister pregnant,and commit some black on white crimes! Wow, I thought Christians were delusional and atheists were thinkers. But I guess ignorance comes in many forms. Systematic racism still exists in the good ol USA. It is true. Stop being an apologist. Wow.

How about some Glen Beck Levity, from Lewis Black:




Please don't beat me up for this.



I live near Baltimore - I have had many black friends.  I teach black students.  I lived with a Black man for over a year.  I observe things.  


You know what I observed as a server?  I'll tell you.  


The BLACK servers were trying harder to give up their Black tables then the white servers were.  The BLACK servers would also openly talk about how 'Black people don't tip' ... and give reasons for this.  They also would tell me that Black people are very quite racist towards Whites - which is why White servers received minimal if no tip of at all compared to the black server.  


Don't believe me?  Go interview some Black servers.  They hated waiting on Black tables.  

My roommate?  Well educated, but still enjoyed calling his friends 'Niggas'.  Now this may be a social norm - but I don't see white people calling each other 'Crackas'.  Upon inquiring as to why he did this to his Black friends - he wasn't offended - he just said he never really thought about it - and that the term is more offensive coming from a white person. 


I had a bus boy at a restaurant that I was a good friend with.  He used always call me his 'nigga'.  He was 16 - I was 19.  We were cool together.  He would joke with me and things.  Call me his 'nigga'.  One day, I was being friendly with him, and said 'whats up my nigga?' with a little nudge.  Like 'hey man, what's up.  Have a good day' 


He told my boss I said that - while crying - and I almost got fired.  After pointing out he said it to me on numerous occasions - he profusely denied this - but the boss I think believed me because she heard those things as well. 


So get out of my face with the whole 'suburb dwelling white boy.'  


I was also a manager at Taco Bell - majority black coworkers.  


As for my Black students - I love them to death. 



You teach children????? Please stop. Now.

Sorry you didn't like my Glen Beck Humor.


If I can't win with Glen Beck on this forum, I won't be able to get another gig.



Great story. Too bad it's not believable.
You don't have to believe - thanks.

I don't find anything wrong with an 'anti - white racism' website it it's purpose is to point out that there are far more unspoken acts of violence of blacks towards whites than there are of for instance police officers unjustly being violent towards blacks.  


But yeah - of course it's poverty - it's not my fault the majority of economically poor areas in the country are mainly inhabited by black skinned folks.  


But when you also talk about 'poor' black people - that sort of makes it sound even MORE racist in my opinion.  


So they aren't just black any more?  They are also POOR now?  

Sorry, my comment you quoted was meant to be sarcastic. 


Yes, that is what I said that kept me from being racist.  


But I don't believe it's just a poverty issue.  There is a mentality that I have personally witnessed in many areas of my life that suggest Black people still hold a lot of resentment and anger towards whites for current crimes of police officers that have been overreported in comparison to black on white crimes - and history of slavery and segregation.  


But people like to say I'm a 'suburb white boy' with no real relationships with Black people - that couldn't be further from the truth.  

Are you mad I called you white? Or is it suburb dwelling? Wow, that bugs u lots. I hate racists. I'm prejudiced against racists. U can call me Alaska dwellin black girl if you want. You are white but I do apologize for callin you ' boy' I know how that feels.
I got called lots if niggers before I ever knew what it meant.
You probably don't realize this? Most racists say their nasty remarks and do their ignorant stuff with a group of others of their same mentality. You wouldn't notice. They probably wouldn't say it around you. As for nigga. White people called all black people niggers for centuries. Those African slaves did not know English. They learned from their masters and overseers, therefore they used the words available to them. Over time we shortened it to use among ourselves. We stole some of the pain from the word.
Can we not have a word to use among friends of our own race? We use things like this to fill the void of our missing culture. That is why we guard them so jealously.
You may love your students but u have already dissmissed their potential by thinking like you do.
Please do not say anything like this to them as it may do harm to hear this from an authority figure. They already hear it everywhere they go so....
Maybe they'll
believe it and behave acordingly.
Sorry, I'm literally not following anything your are saying.

Go make personal attacks someplace else. Thanks.


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