I have a friend who is agnostic. He is pretty peeved with me right now because he believes i'm arrogant. He says im a hypocrite because my certainty that there is no "God" is the same as being religious. But I truly feel certain despite not being able to prove it. I'd bet my life on it. (now when I say God I mean the traditional sense of the word, christian god, judaism, etc..)

I feel it is not a fair comparison because I base my beliefs on observations of the universe and nature and the fact that religion seems to be an exceedingly growing pocket of ignorance where information comes from an ancient text written by our more primitive ancestors. Obviously that argument only makes him think i'm even more arrogant.

How can I get through?

I showed him this.. but being that DeGrasse isn't even an atheist doesn't help much.. however it is a similar debate..


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Here is another essay you should read on the subject:

Atheism vs. Agnosticism

Myself, I don't believe in the god concept as presented by religions. Having said that, I do believe that the question, "Is there an intelligence behind the universe or universes?" is a valid one. At this point in time we have not the data, the intellect, or the wisdom to answer that question. We have a very long way to go.

  As far as what your friend believes or not is a debate that can go on forever between you two. In my opinion it would be better to just agree to disagree.

Agnostics are pussies. Case closed.

It's essentially atheism with the asterix of "I'm not sure and firm about my beliefs because my indoctrination has left its marks on me. I still fear god. I'm also a politically correct hippie because I think that even the most ridiculous ideas deserve equal consideration."

Well, isn't that easy, and productive.

Aww yeeeah

I always thought this too

A lot of agnostics do not believe in God. They just haven't entirely closed their mind. Not becoming a closed-minded fanatic makes one a pussy?

Deciding that you are certain that there is no God does not make one close minded.  You're questioning an insult while issuing one in the same breath.  I am not a closed-minded fanatic because I'm certain there is not a God.  Agnosticism comes from the fear of accepting the final conclusion that comes from the vastly undeniable probability that God doesn't exist.  The probability is so large and well supported by evidence, that it is completely acceptable to settle on certainty.  But I was afraid to come to that conclusion once myself, so I don't judge agnostics.  It's just a brick on the path to atheism.

Yeah, it's closed-minded. 

How can you treat a probability as a certainty?  It doesn't wash.  This is the kind of thing that holds back progress. 

We treat probabilities as certainties all the time. Read Hume. You don't know the light will turn on when you flick the switch, you don't know the sun will come up in the morning, you don't know you won't get hit by a meteorite in five minutes. There are no certainties. But some things are so unlikely that it would be SILLY and illogical to act as if they weren't certainties.

Is it closed-minded to disbelieve in unicorns and to be certain they don't exist? Does that hold back human progress? I think it's the exact opposite, actually.

Acting LIKE you are certain isn't the same as being certain in any absolute sense.


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