My wife is a Christian (I'm working on it) and my kids know that she is and that I am not.  I can no longer go to church with them.  I was thinking of giving my children an option to come with me and fill that time with other things such as discussing art, or philosophy, or science, or just any better conversation. 

I would like some suggestion as to replacements for Sunday morning church that I could do with my children to help show a fulfilled mind without believing in an imaginary friend.  Please help me with some suggestions.



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Good one! 

How old are your children? Would they like nature trips or science experiments?

my kids are 11 and 13.  They do like science.  One is into nature and animals the other not so much.  

This is a fine idea. I have two suggestions.

1. Make clear to your kids that you intend this as an alternative to church. Maybe name it accordingly, like Un-Church, or Church-Is-For-Suckas! Come on, kids. It's time for Un-Church.

2. Include your kids in making plans for what to do. You just set the guidelines. Maybe it has to involve a trip to a science museum, art gallery, nature walk, concert hall, planetarium, book store, horse farm, county fair, library, or whatever. Maybe it's just an hour building something out of legos and talking about life, the universe and everything. If they grumble, smile and remind them of all those poor kids with lame parents who make them waste every Sunday morning sitting around in church.

Ask your kids.

Destroying your family to win a point may not be what you truly want.

You are walking on thin ice be careful.

My wife and I have an understanding that we will not push our kids either way.  We both want them to choose what they want.  As for the statement "Destroying your family a point may not be what you truly want."  little dramatic don't you think?

Damnit...only a little...I was going for a lot.

Point being you're on the Internet asking strangers for advice on very important questions, have you considered a more private and professional choice?

Gary about this "understanding" does your wife know your asking for advice on this site?  Have you shared your posts and our comments with her?  If not, why not?

Give the kids a whole bunch of empty boxes and a few blankets and let them create their own world :)

Awe...the fond memories of happiness.

actually she does know, as we actually communicate.  Its pretty awesome how you appear to be rooting for me to be unhappy.  gives great insight into your life.

You're doing it right by asking advice Gary. I'd rather ask rational strangers for their opinion about important life decisions than the nosy gossipy know it all aunt who quotes anecdotal scare stories to steer you towards safe and sheep like behaviour.

I'm not sure I understand why the option to simply NOT go to church isn't on the table. Kids are burdened all week with homework. The weekend is their chance to have some free time ("me time").


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