I've been hit really hard by my pollen allergy this year.  I'm curious if there are many other spring allergy suffers here and what you do to fight back.

I've tried the various anti-histamines over the years with varying success.  I have moved several times, and each season seems to vary in pollen count, so I don't have much of a baseline with which to work.

Why don't faith healers ever seem to cure the allergy afflicted?

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So many typos lately.  It's a sign of my exhaustion and stress level these past few days.

Oh, there's plenty to be had here - but you tend to need to know a young person to lay hands on it as it isn't yet a retailed product.  Canada smokes more weed per capita than Amsterdam. :D

Your Welcome

"very interesting reading"

Yeah I know huh - me too when I first heard about them.



Move to Palau.

So I think that in the long term I'll definitely try to find a doc interested in doing those desensitization shots. 

In the mid term I may look into those nasal flushing devices - would be handy to have on hand for the next attack.

In the short term, benadryl did zip for me this time, so I got a friend to go get me a smattering of whatever was available at the local pharmacy.  The pill that finally worked - store brand, desloratadine allergy control tablets, 24 hour relief, non-drowsy.  So much for the millions that the other guys spent on all their advertizing.

Be careful about how you do the flushing...I tried it and instead of 'flushing' back out, the saline solution filled up one of my sinus cavities. Here I was trying to help my allergies and I gave myself a sinus infection. Now I'm chicken, so I just spray the saline solution. 


I disagree.  Faith healers are just as effective at curing allergies as anything else, if you get my drift.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a faith healer try to cure Rowan Atkinson of hay fever?


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