I've been hit really hard by my pollen allergy this year.  I'm curious if there are many other spring allergy suffers here and what you do to fight back.

I've tried the various anti-histamines over the years with varying success.  I have moved several times, and each season seems to vary in pollen count, so I don't have much of a baseline with which to work.

Why don't faith healers ever seem to cure the allergy afflicted?

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Have you had an ent doc look in your nose for pollups?
I used to suffer horribly, for years, until one day I went to an ear, nose and throat doctor who found pollups in my nose.
He burned them off with a tiny torch like device, it was virtually painless, and I've been allergy free, since.

I've never had a specialist specifically look for polyps but the few doctors I've ever seen for a check-up have looked in my nose and ears and all that jazz.  I likely should consider seeing a doctor soon as I haven't been to one in years.  I was really taken by surprise at being hit so hard this year.

I would recommend that you be specifically tested for allergies via serum . You should have an allergy panel that includes outdoor allergens ( pollens , grasses , and trees ) ,and indoor allergens ( dust mites , molds , cat and dog dander ) . If your serum has a positive response to any particular allergen , or a combination of allergens , treatment may consist of a nasal steroid , alone , or in combination with a leukotriene inhibitor , such as singular , with or without an added antihistamine . Additionally , if your symptoms are more severe , or are refractory to the above regimen , your allergist may recommend injections to desensitize you . Should your test return negative for any reaction to allergens , then a presumptive diagnosis of vasomotor rhinitis can be made , and treatment may include decongestants , alone or in combination with nasal sprays .Good luck , Heather , I hope this helps somewhat .

Yes, thank you.  I'm realizing that I'll actually have to go to a doctor because I sure don't want to live through another round like this.

God is punishing you for being an atheist!

All kidding aside I finally just went to an allergist and went through the regimen of shots to desensitize myself with gradually building doses of the stuff I was allergic to.  A good thing since otherwise I'd be the proud owner of 38 acres/15 hectares of shit I am allergic to.

I've been reading about the shots.  How long did it take to desensitize?

It ran over 3-4 months if memory serves.  I ended up needing two shots each time and they were twice a week for a while then once a week.

The shots aren't particularly deep (they are not aiming for a vein) and one of the nurses would actually stand behind you and throw them like a dart over the inch or so separation and that was typically less painful.

I took those shots for at least three years in my late childhood. I quit because I got tired of it. Now I'm allergic to other things.  So, I guess it worked but had I known I would develop other allergies, I might not have treated the original ones.

Allergy sufferer here. I'm always clearing my throat this time of year. For me, it's chest congestion, Benedryl works but makes me sleepy. Claritin doesn't do a thing for me at all. 

To make matters worse, I have a condition for which my doctor wants me to stay away from antihistamines. 


I noticed a long time ago that after about a month any new medicine wouldn't work worth shit.  Turns out though I just had to go off that medicine, and go to another one.  Then when that stopped working, change to a third one.  Then when THAT stopped working, I could return to the first medicine again; my body had forgotten it.

I have horrible allergies - to the point that I started going into shock when they did the scratch test.  I live in California, so the allergies are pretty much year round for me.  I take Zyrtec every night.  I started to develop asthma as well, so now I also take Singulair every night.  On top of that I use a saline spray regularly, and I use a non-steroid nasal spray twice daily.  My allergist says that on particularly bad days I can take more than one Zyrtec.  They say that the goal is that I don't have any symptoms, but I really hate taking as much as I do already.  My allergies are still there now, but manageable.  Sadly they expect that they will continue to get worse as I get older, which means I will need to do more and more to control them.

I found this article on the different treatments helpful: WebMD

oh, I'm so sorry it's going to get worse! That zyrtec is hella expensive for the quantity. It seems to be the only thing that does the trick for me now of days.


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