I've been hit really hard by my pollen allergy this year.  I'm curious if there are many other spring allergy suffers here and what you do to fight back.

I've tried the various anti-histamines over the years with varying success.  I have moved several times, and each season seems to vary in pollen count, so I don't have much of a baseline with which to work.

Why don't faith healers ever seem to cure the allergy afflicted?

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I am too suffering really badly from allergies. I never had it this bad and its killing me. I have been on flonase and it does not work

Flonase didn't help me either.  I'm on azelastine now.

From Wikipedia:

Azelastine vs intranasal corticosteroids

Azelastine nasal spray has shown comparable efficacy to the intranasal corticosteroid fluticasone propionate in improving patients’ quality of life and rhinitis symptoms[15] and is superior to intranasal budesonide in improving the symptom of rhinorrhea in patients with perennial allergic rhinitis.[16] Additive effects have been reported when azelastine and fluticasone are co-administered.[17][18] Although azelastine has a weaker anti-inflammatory effect compared to corticosteroids, it has a significantly more rapid onset of action.[19] Intranasal corticosteroids require days or even weeks to produce maximum benefit.[20]

Btw I tried the saline solution spray. Its a good relief.

Oh so glad it helped :)

Yep thanks :)

Yeah, this year is far worse than any other I've experienced.  I've been taking Benadryl and it took a bit of the edge off - but my head was still producing custard so fast I could actually hear it oozing around.  I just tried some other noname shit that a friend gave me and if that doesn't work I now have both Claratin and Allieve to try.  Damn I hope one of these does something for me.


Neti Pots are a good way to clean out your nasal passages. You only need warm water. I tried this with my daughter when she was a 8. They are very easy to use and you will be amazed at what it flushes out. It didnt stop her hayfever but it cleared up the congestion and custard in her face and gave her some relief. You can buy Neti Pots at the Chemist and you can watch demos's of little kids do it on youtube if you need encouragement to use it.

My daughters father suffered the worst hayfever that I have ever seen. It made his face swell and knocked him out like a bad flu. He has tried medications all of his life, he even had polups removed. The only thing that worked almost instantly for him was marijuana.  He would just have a small joint or a coupla bongs every now and then and voila - it just worked.

Thanks - the neti pots idea provided me with some very interesting reading.  I am also quite interested in seeing if some weed would help, but I don't have any 'contacts' at the moment.

It may not help the symptoms, but it will help adjust your attitude, I'm sure. LOL

Be careful with the neti pots . Your mucus membranes are lined with antibodies and are kept at optimal pH . Traumatic flushing with the neti pot solution can interrupt that balance and place one at higher risk for colonization with unwanted microbes , and / or infection .

Yea and then there's the risk of brain eating amoebas.  DO NOT use tap water.  Kinda a straight forward rule for prevention, but an important one.  I prefer just a simple saline stay.  Easier to use.

After reading about the brain eating amoebas, I would be very certain to boil any water used, and prepare a proper solution - or perhaps I could find a solution already prepared at the pharmacy.


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