I say Chevy, you say Ford.

I say apartment, you say house.

I say Christianity, you say atheism.

I say conservatism, you say liberalism.

Lets think for a moment if we were to truly live and let live..............now that's a concept.  Build off that model.  I have friends/relationships with all that I've listed above and get along with everyone of them.  That's living the dream.

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Do you believe in God?  Are you the one saying Christianity?  I am a bit confused about your post.
I'll just add that I don't drive a Chevy (currently) and don't live in an apartment but I do believe you're missing the point.  Sorry

I admitted to being confused sooooooooooo ... yeah.  


I say speak coherently , you say don't.  :)



I'm a mechanic.  I am attached to my vehicles.  Aside from that I think you miss the point.  I can go to the Ford/Chevy/Honda (choose you're poison) blogs and read about the haters of each.  They all break down.  I've owned at least 1 of each over the years


I'm not sure how a post can be wrong.

I stated in a reply above on the bygones, live/let live.  Sorry for mix up

I don't believe them to be false.  I can direct you to some sites if you like?  


Let people believe or not, like what they will.  I will search for something more simple to relate.  Sorry about the confusion.  

Now that I look at it I can see your confusion in that Christianity/atheism is to believe or not in something, the other 3 being a difference in belief/opinion and not existence.  I'm sure this won't do it for you either.  Again, I apologize.


Perhaps hate wasn't the correct word, as it was not part of my point, but despite my blogging, I'm extremely busy and don't have time to look up in the thesaurus.  Sorry :)

don't have time to look up what a thesaurus is either I see, considering by utilizing one, you'd just be searching for a different word for HATE


lol, sorry, had to be done...

That would be all well and good if politicians and lawmakers wouldn't let their personal bias and prejudices influence the rules that are going to affect myself and others who DON'T agree with their concepts.
Because their views differ from yours?  You hold the key do you?  Thanks for helping my point
Actually, I reread that a dozen times.  I couldn't tell about the joking part, but that's good to know, thanks!


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