I say Chevy, you say Ford.

I say apartment, you say house.

I say Christianity, you say atheism.

I say conservatism, you say liberalism.

Lets think for a moment if we were to truly live and let live..............now that's a concept.  Build off that model.  I have friends/relationships with all that I've listed above and get along with everyone of them.  That's living the dream.

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Wait, is that the.....Michael Keaton version.....

Nerds don't like this one, fyi.

However, I do like Robin/Dick Grayson in Batman and Robin. But mostly because I've seen Teen Titans and he's a main character in it.

Keaton, however, was epic in Beetlejuice. Hard not for me to love that movie. Must be my latent goth.


Allow me to explain:

I'm a nerd. We have lots of likes and dislikes. When someone hates a movie, I often love it. But simply because I see merits differently. I'm used to disagreeing with people.

However, recently, some of you might have seen this movie called Avatar, about giant blue cats and a tree that the blue cats have....mass sex with? It was a movie that is apparently better in 3D and on various psychotrophic drugs, neither of which I did when I saw it in 2D, stone-cold sober.

There are still plenty of people trying to convince me to see it again, in 3D, with some mushrooms, and insisting that that's the only way to see it, and then, I will truly understand how amazingly awesome and deserving this movie must be of every award possibly awarded.

These people, I cannot stand.

I cannot stand as well, Twilight-obsessed girls(this book is the last and only book you ever need to read), or fandom-holier-than-thou boys(I have seen more anime/comic books than you and thus am better), or....evangelist people. Of any type. You can be an evangelist of anything, of Apple products, of Linux software, of HDTV's, and people who push these things without knowing me as a person is my main problem.

Because I personally prefer PC's, I use them daily, but I also own an Iphone 3gs, which I'm happy with, I don't need an Iphone 4 or an iphone 5 which should come out this june/july, I'm good with what I have. But I still have one or two friends who are gonna bring up the "you know you should get a mac" smug comment that assumes somehow their view/product/idea is better than mine ever could be.

But that said, I don't need a Mac for what I do on a daily basis--which is word processing, webbrowsing, maybe basic image manipulation. I'm not making the next big blockbuster(Pixar uses macs, apparently), I'm just getting online. What's fine for me isn't fine for everyone, though, and it's my biggest issue that people always assume---what's their preference, MUST be everyone's preference. There is no other choice. There is no other joker than Heath Ledger's Joker. there is no other batman than Christian Bale's Batman. You are not allowed to like the Aeon Flux movie and you cannot approach new adaptations of anything with optimism.

This is why I cannot stand most religions, and why I am friends with someone first and foremost--over their personality, not their traits.

If they're an insufferable evangelist about anything--I don't want to talk with them long.

Christianity, and most other religions--have this coded into them. One of the main things I remember from childhood is the ABC/123's! of christianity, exhorting how easy it was to be saved by god and be a good christian person, and many of these are included with little comic books that told you what would happen if you didn't follow these abc/123's of christianity. The Spread--of these things--is put into religion. And I am not going to want to have lunch every day with someone who immediately pulls out their ipad to tell me how much better their life is with it, and how much good it's done in their life.

Because there are so many things that are more important than ipads.

I've met some people, to whom I mention any batman movies before the Christian Bale ones, and their jaws seize up, and they go all rigid, and speak in a sort of tongue, then go:"those...never...happened."

and I promptly drop the subject.

I'm aware some people have a fondness for them, but most nerds I've met are vehemently against them, and instead follow only the path of Christian Bale's Batman, and no other.

Of course, they are often my-age nerds, who were wee bratlings when the Michael Keaton Bats came onscreen, so Christian Bale is -our- Batman, in a sense.

I still think his batman voice sounds like he's trying to sound like he's a chain smoker.


I'm waiting for someone to be horribly offended with me comparing nerdery to religion.

But...the parallels! Oh the parallels! They're all there and no one sees them! Argh!

Shakes head* I am ashamed to say that I was born and raised in that state, even more so that I allowed my son to be born there? I am glad I am no longer there!*
Good discussion people.  Thank you!  I especially enjoyed Amariah W.   Since I came upon this site happen chance, I don't believe I'll be back so good luck to you all!

How can you say you don't believe you will be back ? You might not believe it but I believe you will return to us.  I will have the pan ready.

I dont care what car I have, as long as it's a good car. and yes...I know a lot about cars as well.

apartment, house...what does it matter? it depends what you can afford to live in.

you say Christianity? why not any other religion? I dont beleive in any of it, but I certainly dont hate anyone who does.

I'm not a conserative, or a liberal. I have NO lables.


if you want to live and let live, maybe you shouldn't post something that will provoke ill will on an atheist website when you are not an atheist.  also, maybe you should see who the real hateful people are.

people will always be afraid of what they can not understand. ignorance breeds fear. fear causes anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to death.

I don't say Ford. Henry Ford was a raging anti-Semite. His company can go bankrupt for all i care. You say Chevy, I say Chevy. The Volt is a great car. Should turn things around and seriously help us in the fight to get off oil (Sorry, Rush Limbaugh).


I don't say house either. I say apartment. I live in New York City. We don't have houses. We have townhouses, but that's something totally different...


I don't say Atheism or Liberalism. I say be an individual and stop identifying yourself with labels like Christian, Conservative, Chevy and Apartment. It's collectivist and defeats the purpose of having your own ideas and living your own life, which I am happy to let you do, as long as you don't go making stupid posts like this one that attempt to put words in everybody's mouths. Cheers! :)

ah, it seems I have missed the party. I guess I should have read all the comments first. The thread with Kris was hilarious!
I understand what you're saying.


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