I say Chevy, you say Ford.

I say apartment, you say house.

I say Christianity, you say atheism.

I say conservatism, you say liberalism.

Lets think for a moment if we were to truly live and let live..............now that's a concept.  Build off that model.  I have friends/relationships with all that I've listed above and get along with everyone of them.  That's living the dream.

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Actually, I reread that a dozen times.  I couldn't tell about the joking part, but that's good to know, thanks!

If I had been there I would have walked out in the middle of that ignorance.


Thanks you for posting that Doone, even if it was a little agitating to read.

Cool colors

Bygone to me means live and let live.  I stand corrected on that word if I've missed used it.  I have only a high school education.

So for you to feel responsible, everyone must see things as you do?  That's not logical to me.

"Sometimes it simply isn't responsible to let bygones be bygones nor to live and let live."


I believe you did say such a thing.  My retort stands.

Ah, perception plays a huge part in everything.  Different perceptions in the same religions even can be catastrophic to it's upholding.  

I still perceive your statement the same so we're in a stale mate.  I did however catch something I previously missed.  Ideas must always be checked and challenged.  For that good sir we can agree.  

I don't believe I've stated anywhere that I'm a Christian.  The more I read here the more (to me) my point is made.  It's not what a person or people believe but rather how different those beliefs are.  I happened upon this site purely by accident and am just curious what the real point of it is.  To support atheism or cut down those who don't.  It's all fascinating to me.


To me, to just say fuck it and it doesn't matter would be irresponsible.  Like one of the posts above, I feel I have a responsibility to ask why, that's all.  

then dont use that kind of logic. the point you're making is useless, because you are the one who is causing everyone to side against you.
also...the reason people use this site is because atheists are a minority, and this is a friendly community. It's a sense of belonging. You sir, are not the minority.
not really..most religions have a lot in common. so it is WHAT you beleive..not how different it is.
Both for me as well


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