All of you Atheists are evading a LARGE body of evidence supporting Christianity!

Or so we're being told by Conservapedia.

"Unlike Christianity, which is supported by a large body of sound evidence (see: Christian apologetics), atheism has no proof and evidence supporting its ideology. As a result,
atheism often relies on asserting fragile assumptions that are contrary
to the existing evidence.[8][9][10][11] In addition, atheists/skeptics do have a tradition of making assumptions that later have proved errant.[12] . . ."

Because Christianity doesn't have any history at ALL of their assumptions being proven errant. They never believed in Geocentrism, didn't you know?

Apparently we also dilute the definition of Atheism. Original link for the excerpt:

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"Atheists have no evidence." To me, that statement is correct; we have no evidence... that god exists.

Basically, beliefs don't need evidence. Otherwise they wouldn't be beliefs, but facts. Atheism is not a belief. It is a lack of belief. It can't be held to the same standards as religion, because it is the polar opposite.

And I'm totally ignoring the claim that Christianity has "proof", because that is comically untrue.
Consevapedia also states on their first "World History" page:
"There is no reliable evidence of man existing before 3500 B.C."

There should be a law against posting FALSE information on the web.
You should see what they say about Homosexuals. Right out of the Bible.
I am a straight man, but I found their site offensive.
BULL SHIT is what it is...
As Conservapedia correctly assets, "atheism has no proof and evidence supporting its ideology."
It's true, we don't.
We can only challenge the "proof(s)" of the theists.

I personally hate the label atheist. As defined, it places atheism in a position to disprove God.
I don't think anyone can actually deny the existence of god and prove it.
We are all familiar with that conundrum.
If you google atheism and go to the Conservapedia page, you will see how they have twisted the definition, and slandered atheists.

I personally prefer Atheologist, being as I am against any claims that any religion is "true."
But, I just found someone using this term:
He has quite a sense of humor.

I admit I am an Agnostic-Apostate.
Theists are addicted to the idea of "absolute certainty" - a concept that does not exist in science, and dare say life. Theist will start hailing the virtuous of science the moment scientist figure out how to be create a science which is 100% absolute certain -- forever! In other words when science is a religion. Personally what really irks me is the underlying idea of this or that is certain, and must never ever be questioned regardless of what the evidence suggest. With that kind of reasoning nothing will ever advance, except through violent confrontation or subversive reaction. Maybe this the kind of world they want. O, it is not: This world is just a speck of "sin" which must be eradicated.
Yes, absolutely. Theists tend to believe that they can know certain things absolutely, because they believe that God told them so. And since God is infallible, they can be absolutely certain he's telling the truth.
It's Conservapedia, where ignorance is not only a virtue, it's mandatory.


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