All of you Atheists are evading a LARGE body of evidence supporting Christianity!

Or so we're being told by Conservapedia.

"Unlike Christianity, which is supported by a large body of sound evidence (see: Christian apologetics), atheism has no proof and evidence supporting its ideology. As a result,
atheism often relies on asserting fragile assumptions that are contrary
to the existing evidence.[8][9][10][11] In addition, atheists/skeptics do have a tradition of making assumptions that later have proved errant.[12] . . ."

Because Christianity doesn't have any history at ALL of their assumptions being proven errant. They never believed in Geocentrism, didn't you know?

Apparently we also dilute the definition of Atheism. Original link for the excerpt:

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Well, for me it depends on what kind of God we are talking about. If it's a Deistic God, like an overall creator, I'm at a 6, because I don't really know what's outside the Universe- It could be there, could not be, who knows, who cares, really. I don't think It cares, provided It exists.

However, if we're talking about a Theistic god, like the one from the Bible. I am absolutely, one hundred percent sure that Yahweh or Allah does not exist. 7.0
I don't care with 'probabilities of belief'. I can only say I'm 100% certain I'm an atheist, but I have no basis to claim "I know there is no God", so I'd never say such a thing. So where do I fit on this scale?
doone: Is there a point to their article?

Since it's a Conservapedia article, I assume this is a rhetorical question?
Your comment actually made more sense than the article. At least you've proven you're a master alchemist - one who can make gold out of shit ;-)
Atheism assumes that God does not exist. That does NOT mean we can prove it. It only means we're comfortable with the assumption.
im sorry...I wasn't aware we had an ideology. I must be doing it wrong.
Exactly . . . NOT the "I must be doing it wrong" part but the lack of ideology part. :-)
So, they have a proof that the Moon is a light? Interesting.

Anyway, the sad thing for religion is that logic cannot be used to support it's claims, since logic is empirical. It is subject to change in the light of new empirical evidences. So, the only evidence I accept is empirical evidence. The history of science has seen common sense fail countless times.
Ah, conservapedia.
The scariest place on earth.
Dig around there, and you're sure to find horrors for intellectuals.
Sad for those who dig there and think they struck gold.
atheism is clearly not an ideology..heh bunch of fools..I've stated this all over the place and i'm gonna state it here again;Billions of people have believed in thousends of gods for at least 50.000 years. Atheists should mention this more often that this god phenomenon have existed thousends of years before jesus,mohammed and so..just state that simple fact more of the easiest ways to disprove it and make it this whole thing even more unlikely..


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