Not sure if this is the right spot for this....


Topic is ALIENS!


What do you think of them? Believe in them? 


What evidence have you seen or heard that shows aliens once have been here or ARE here!


I think there is more evidence that ALIENS were here then GOD was here.


I myself have always been a firm believer of aliens.


I've been watching shows like ANCIENT ALIENS on the history channel, they seem to have a lot of hard hitting facts that aliens have once been here, and are most likely the reason we went from a GRUNTING caveman to the people we are today.


What do you think?!

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LOL!  You really hit the nail on the head.  What's even funnier is that now there are people trying to explain one with the other!  Really!  They are saying that ancient god concepts were inspired by aliens, ha ha ha.  I shouldn't laugh, because there is that far outside chance that such a thing could have occurred, but I do find the evidence they base it on rather hilarious.

I can see where your coming from, but who is to say they didn't leave anything behind??


How did we go from banging rocks in a cave for hundreds of years, to building massive Buildings! Pyramids! Sewer Systems!


It's just hard to see us making such a huge leap with out help from something or someone.

Brandon, you are seriously deluded if you think that we were banging rocks in a cave for hundreds of years and then "suddenly" started building massive constructions. 


The first permanent villages are more then 35.000 years old, this means that people stayed at the same spot while using agriculture (among other techniques) to sustain their society. People nowadays are not necessarily a lot smarter then "early" homo sapiens if that's what your thinking.

We know for a fact that the Sumerians invented their own written language before 4000 BC, as we all know written language is a tool for commerce, we know that a lot of trade was going on even at that time. 


So I'm sorry to tell you this, but your knowledge in regards to "primitive" homo sapiens is seriously lacking, your conclusion therefor that people were just banging rocks and then suddenly started building these massive structures is simply wrong. 


Admittedly there is a lot that we do not know about "ancient" civilizations and "primitive" cultures, but you cannot come to any conclusions based upon a lack of evidence in regards to this subject. 

I obviously agree with you on most things, Big Fella, but I think you lost a little patience with the 'deluded' comment.  Your later evaluation of knowledge 'seriously lacking' is much more accurate, I think.  There was a time when I read Robet Bauval's books and thought, "Wow, civilization really came out of nowhere," and I don't think I was deluded at all - just misinformed.  There is a lot of this misinformation out there, showing us incomplete pictures of things that are real and amazing, and then offering extraordinary explanations - much like the Bible.  I feel it is our duty as skeptics to show people that when extraordinary explanations are offered, there is often a lot more to the picture than one might realize.

Thanks Heather, I suppose you are right that my conclusion of "delusion" is unfounded. Misinformed covers the content a lot better. I guess that I let one of my pet peeves get the better of me.

I understand, I really and truly do.

We were banging rocks in caves over a million years ago.  We started building large stone monuments at least 11,000 years ago.  Some of the earliest raised platforms we have found date to 6,000 years ago, pre-Ziggurat mounds.  The earliest Egyptian pyramid dates to around the time of the first Ziggurats, at about 4,600 years ago; you may want to look at the precedents drawn upon for that pyramid, showing how the technology evolved.  Of course they took part in this activity for centuries and had actual cities for the skilled labourers required - which they wouldn't need if energy beams just blasted the stones into place.  In any event, in 15 minutes on google you can find multiple sources of information on each step in the evolution of monument building that show it didn't just occur suddenly.


If you want a really wild evolution of technology, perhaps you should study how the United States went from the Cotton Gin to the Atomic Bomb in roughly a century and a half.  Now THAT's an amazing development.

You wanna see phenomenally fast development, look no further than the thing you're using to post here, Computers!

In the future, computers may weigh no more than 1.5 tonnes.”
– Popular mechanics, 1949

We've gone from that to having computers that can fit in the palm of our hands but are more powerful than the fastest computers from that time.


*Sorry off-topic, but I couldn't resist.

Maybe it isn't off topic - maybe Aliens have developed our computers for us!
Remember the TNG episode where they were observing developing humanoids on a planet and the forcefield went down? One of my favorite episodes. :)
Star Trek can never derail a thread, only add valuable information. ;)
I guess I could always ask my brother (now retired) who first went to work for IBM when the computers had to have their own buildings. ;)


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