Not sure if this is the right spot for this....


Topic is ALIENS!


What do you think of them? Believe in them? 


What evidence have you seen or heard that shows aliens once have been here or ARE here!


I think there is more evidence that ALIENS were here then GOD was here.


I myself have always been a firm believer of aliens.


I've been watching shows like ANCIENT ALIENS on the history channel, they seem to have a lot of hard hitting facts that aliens have once been here, and are most likely the reason we went from a GRUNTING caveman to the people we are today.


What do you think?!

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i would like to see a pyramid built without today's technology: no cranes, no steel, no cell phones or walkie talkies to communicate, no synthetic materials, etc...nothing but rope, sticks and stones. i say it's near impossible.
EXACTLY! Totally agree with this.

"i say it's near impossible."


Well, obviously it happened. There are many explanations available if you'd care enough to investigate, here for instance.

Because of evidence (multiple pyramids) it sort of makes it kind of obvious that it was not near impossible, otherwise they wouldn't have done it successfully and especially not multiple times.

Do you believe the Egyptians used only rope, sticks and stones?  Do you think you can't communicate over great distances without cellphones or walkie talkies?  I hope you don't think that the great pyramids just sort of popped up without centuries of practices going into the building techniques.

It's so funny that somehow people think that "us" humans have evolved significantly in regards to our intelligence, while in reality we are only standing on the shoulders of giants that have increased the basis of our knowledge that we built our society on.


The "nearly impossible" style of thinking  is so reminiscent of the crop circle lunacy you know,  how these complex figures could not have arisen by the work of "mere" humans. I guess that crop circles are good examples of how complex kind of structures and patterns you can create with literally just a stick and some rope. 

Seems to me that the people that cannot imagine it being build with blood, sweat and broken backs not only lack imagination they also seriously underestimate the capabilities of their fellow human beings. 

Well I can see how something like Gobekli Tepe was built with blood sweat and broken backs, but that was thousands of years before the pyramids.  I'm sure the pyramids still required oodles of brawn, but they definitely required very evolved organizational skills as well, and after centuries of developing their skills I find it hard to believe the Egyptians could have built anything less than the Great Pyramid.  I just wish more 'documentaries' would do the human component justice and show the archeological evidence that reveals the massive and highly skilled labour force used by the Egyptians - which they wouldn't have needed if they had magical aliens just beaming the stones into place.

Exactly, the Egyptians were a very advanced civilization that irrigated their lands, used complex machinery had a very lively culture and religion as well as scholars, doctors, pharmacists etc. 


Even apparently "simple" constructions such as dolmen are not at all that simple because of the massive weight of the stones involved. 


My remark about "blood, sweat and broken backs" was not meant to claim that only human muscle power was involved, indeed technological advancements made the construction of the Great Pyramid possible. 

The massive permanent villages that were build for the people that build the Pyramids however show that the above ingredients (blood, sweat etc)  played a massive role in the construction.

Much agreed - I was just trying to round out the picture a bit more.

thought about the topic for a while and I think the amazing stuff they did might be explained by human history. From what I know people of the old days, the scientists of those days kept their science like magic so it was on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS. It was likely for such knowledge to be lost and the fact kingdoms didnt interact so well a dying kingdom would die with it's intel as did the Egyptians.

Worst of all is conquerors tend to curb the old ways of those they colonize sometimes including their science so that the logic is lost and that's what Romans did and worst of all they took development back then froze it! They made theories such as atomic, the solar system arrangment... bogus and liable to get killed over and kept this stupid stalemate for 1500 years give or take. So the fact the old seem so advanced might be because the stupid took over for a long time.

Then aliens might have also left than worship a jew too, saw there is no hope for such idiocy who knows!

Neil deGrasse Tyson on extraterrestrial intelligence (very interesting take):


And on UFOs:

When someone substantially smarter then me talks sense about something they are in a good position to know something about, I sit down, shut up, and listen. :)

Do I think that alien life exists? Yes. Statistically it's almost a certainty. Intelligent life? Less likely, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised.


Do I think that intelligent aliens have visited Earth? No. There's no credible evidence.


Shows like Ancient Aliens tend to depend heavily on 'Aliens of the Gaps'. "We don't know how X was done, so maybe it was aliens!" They also are very bad at assuming that ancient humans were as dumb as rocks. Ancient Greece, for example, was very skilled at mechanics, engineering, etc.

Ancient humans didn't understand natural phenomena, so they invented gods & made the gods, demons & evil responsible for everything they couldn't understand.

Modern humans can't understand how ancient humans did stuff without technology, so they said Aliens did it!

And then the Aliens left without a trace. Didn't leave any technology behind. Didn't stay back.

So the aliens came, made some monuments & then left. Sounds a bit similar to something else humanity invented, doesn't it? 


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