Not sure if this is the right spot for this....


Topic is ALIENS!


What do you think of them? Believe in them? 


What evidence have you seen or heard that shows aliens once have been here or ARE here!


I think there is more evidence that ALIENS were here then GOD was here.


I myself have always been a firm believer of aliens.


I've been watching shows like ANCIENT ALIENS on the history channel, they seem to have a lot of hard hitting facts that aliens have once been here, and are most likely the reason we went from a GRUNTING caveman to the people we are today.


What do you think?!

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I am agnostic towards aliens. However, I am leaning towards a very high probability they do exist, based on the observation of how easy the conditions have to be for life to exist. Considering the amazing size of the universe, I do not think it would be hard to replicate any living conditions (similar to Earth at least)

As far as * intelligent* alien life, I would that is unknowable at this point. But still equally possible.

To make a claim like you do saying you are a firm believer of aliens is a matter of 'faith'. :p

As of now we have zero evidence for aliens. So for now I believe none exist. But if it were to occur we were able to find extraterrestrial life or evidence of it, I would definitely change my viewpoint.

^and that is the same reason I label myself as Agnostic Atheist. I do not believe in god merely because no evidence supports such a being. But since you can't prove nonexistence I will never claim I'm 100% sure god definitely does not exist.

I believe on statistical grounds that it is likely that there is life on other planets around other stars, and likely even in our own Milky Way galaxy. It is an entirely different matter whether there exists intelligent life elsewhere. There are severe restrictions on that possibility (also partly factored into the Drake Equation) nevertheless the part of the observable universe with galaxies that have reached sufficient metallicity for large parts to have rocky planetary systems with complex chemistry is so vast that even that may be estimated to be somewhere between possible and likely.

Have there been alien visitors in our planet's history here? Ultra-extremely unlikely. If nevertheless so, have they interfered with our development in any way? No, ausgeschlossen, this would be like inserting an explanation without evidence for it whatsoever in our history for a problem that doesn't exist. There is no evidence of any kind to attest to aliens having been here. I've seen loads of crap put forward by UFO believers and the like and even otherwise sensible people being duped or perhaps impressed by the sheer sensation of the thought, wanting and willing to believe it, but never, ever seen evidence. And I do like the genre, I mean I even read Daniken, Cotterel, Sitchin, Hancock and the like, I just read them as fiction because that is what they make.

yeah i talk about it in my blog as well..
The biggest proof that there are aliens is that they haven't came to this sh*t hole, I mean if they had very advanced technology in sense that if they can cross amazing distances then they probably would have had a way to spy on people without them knowing and therefore they would realise that there is no reason for them to communicate with us or even use us for hard labour or any other silly notion. We should give more credit to our former civilizations in sense of technology.
lol. I agree. "Hey look at these life forms... why do they kneel on their legs and beg towards the sky? what kind of lazy species is this?!?"

hahaha! make sense we are still primitive!

"Greys" you say, they are out of fashion as I understand it. With the advance of better CGI they are becoming more fanciful and aggressive and there is much less emphasis on mystery and suspense.  They are now more insect-like and less like a fetus. They now don't take over the planet by stealth, but by infestation. They don't operate surgical tools in total silence, but big ray guns that make lots of noise.  They are smart enough to build giant spaceships to cross interstellar distances with ease, but for some reason have never thought of mixing hydrogen with oxygen to get their own freaking water. Oh yes and they don't value their own lives much more than your average worker-bee on guard duty.
I also find it very interesting that reports seem to indicate they are very reliant on colonoscopes, which is surprising because with faster than light technology I really thought they could use MRIs instead.

Yes, I understood that Joseph, I just wanted to insert how the fashion thing influences what people report. I have never experienced sleep paralysis myself and my dreams rarely have disturbing content, but like you I explored the UFO thing. And I was fascinated by the thought, perhaps a little credulous, but I found when getting deeper into it, the "official" investigations, the abduction cases, the alleged crashes, the alleged cover ups and so forth, it all just vanished and turned into mist and then even that clears up.

LOL Heather, maybe, just maybe they want to probe human intestines to figure out how to defeat their lactose intolerance.

because people will believe them... it's histrionic at its core.

I think that somewhere in the universe there is some sort of life existing. Weather it's just single-celled organisms or it is intelligent life, I don't know, but based on observing the vastness of the universe and the recent discovery of many planets near us that are in the life zone of their star, it world be absurd to think that it's impossible that life exists somewhere else in the universe, but as far as intelligent life forms that have visited Earth, I don't know what to say, lol. Their seems to be a lot of Youtube that show some sort of UFO flying around, but in till I see some evidence, I don't think we have been visited by aliens.


But I will say that being visited by aliens is more likely than a supernatural being controlling everyone.   


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