Not sure if this is the right spot for this....


Topic is ALIENS!


What do you think of them? Believe in them? 


What evidence have you seen or heard that shows aliens once have been here or ARE here!


I think there is more evidence that ALIENS were here then GOD was here.


I myself have always been a firm believer of aliens.


I've been watching shows like ANCIENT ALIENS on the history channel, they seem to have a lot of hard hitting facts that aliens have once been here, and are most likely the reason we went from a GRUNTING caveman to the people we are today.


What do you think?!

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Alien life could be as close as Mars or Jupiter's moon Europa. Europa is a strong candidate, because underneath its icy surface it has a warmer ocean. The ocean is warm because of the heat produced by tidal flexing caused by the gravitational pull of Jupiter & its other moons. That environment is similar to the deep sea environment of the Earth, where many life forms survive on minerals mixed into the sea by rocks & underwater volcano's.

So in this solar system alone, there is life on earth & is or has been life on maybe 2 other places.

According to Wolfram alpha there are 2x10^11 to 4x10^11 stars in the Milky way & there are 1.7x10^11 galaxies in the observable universe. With so many possible solar systems, I think there is a pretty good chance that sentient life has evolved or will evolve in other places in the universe. But the chances of any of them into contact with each other, not so high.

Should we perhaps make more detailed assumptions, i.e.:

Location            P(organic life)     P(intelligent life)

Earth                       100%                      100%

Solar system             1%                         ~0%

Orion Arm                 5%                         ~0%

Milky Way                10%                        1%

Local group             15%                        2%

Virgo SC                    25%                       5%

Universe                   99.9%                   99.9%



Since Earth has confirmed intelligent, organic life shouldn't the probability of life in the solar system, milky & the universe be 100%?

Ah, should have specified it would be solar system (except earth) etc. Otherwise yes, everything would indeed be 100% and a lot less interesting. :)

In addition, I don't really have any background for the %-ages except what I pull out of my , it was more a model design I was getting at.

Come to think of it, I should've guessed so. it was obvious.

I believe and everything I've seen about life out there points to an overwhelming,Yes they do exist.However are they intelligent,have they been here,are they still visiting I dont know.

As a long-time science fiction buff I would like to believe that there are aliens somewhere in our galaxy/universe however I am realist and the simple fact is that whilst there is evidence for other worlds that might be able to support life there is currently no evidence to support the actual existence of life on any planet outside the Earth.


I think a more interesting question is what would we do if we found some? Perhaps worse what if they found us?




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