Not sure if this is the right spot for this....


Topic is ALIENS!


What do you think of them? Believe in them? 


What evidence have you seen or heard that shows aliens once have been here or ARE here!


I think there is more evidence that ALIENS were here then GOD was here.


I myself have always been a firm believer of aliens.


I've been watching shows like ANCIENT ALIENS on the history channel, they seem to have a lot of hard hitting facts that aliens have once been here, and are most likely the reason we went from a GRUNTING caveman to the people we are today.


What do you think?!

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Indeed, at least there need not to be any ad hoc violation of the laws of nature to facilitate the first event, but c and interstellar distances still constitute a pretty good argument against it.

There are 100s of billions of stars in our galaxy... and there are 100s of billions of galaxies in our universe.


I think is extremely probable that AT LEAST 1 star has AT LEAST 1 planet orbiting within a habitable zone (a zone at a precise range of distance which allows for the existence of liquid water).

We must also remember that all stars are not the same though. Some are too small and let off insufficient heat while others have life-times too short for intelligent life to evolve.

Nonetheless, even after taking out these stars, the figures still range in the billions upon billions.

Also, we must note that not all life will turn out like we did. There is a chance that life could base it's foundations around other liquids (or even gases for that matter) than water. Perhaps there are life forms out there that breath for methane instead of oxygen.


As for if aliens visited earth... I am not too sure. I have not seen "ANCIENT ALIENS".


I think there is a high probability that there is intelligent life out there, or at least there was at some point and that it will likely happen again - I'm not so sure about here though, unless there are extra-terrestrial beings visiting right now.


The ancient aliens series of tv programs, books, and websites is very very misleading.  They make it seem as though Sumerian culture just popped up one day after thousands of years of cave dwellers suddenly stopped using hand axes made of stone.  Upon first review this almost seems viable until you realize that the only thing that 'popped up' about Sumeria were the archeological finds - the civilization itself took centuries, if not millenniums, to evolve to the point of being able to leave us so much writing.


The history of writing, building technique, tool making, etc, etc, etc, was not transformed overnight as they would have you think.  There is good evidence as to how writing may have evolved and some of the symbols are still discernible in modern alphabets from the animisms they derived from.  Places like Gobekli Tepe show us just how some early civilizations got their start.  There is quite a bit that is unknown, and only because science refuses to officially fill in the gaps with conjecture do over imaginative tv producers find places to stick their fictions.


Sometimes I think archeology is a little too strict about requiring hard evidence before allowing some conjecture to occur.  We are very misled in thinking Orville and Wilbur invented flight - we had been flying in lighter than air craft for centuries before they ever got off the ground at Kitty Hawk.  Furthermore, there is no reason to think that ancient craftsmen were unable to make feasible 'model birds' that could glide when thrown just the way kids today make paper airplanes.  Such models wouldn't likely be made of materials that would remain for archeologists to find.  For me, this is a much more feasible explanation of ancient metal artifacts that seem to represent airworthy craft.


All in all, if ancient aliens had visited us and given us a leg up, I can't imagine that we would have struggled for so long to understand such common biotechnologies such as yeast or whatever the hell the stuff is that makes cheese taste so savoury.  In particular, I would expect to find that some of our most common cereal crops didn't fit into the dna tree we have for such vegetation.  Furthermore, although humans have some intriguing genetic anomalies, there is no indication of foreign genetic material being plugged in.


Enjoy the shows for the entertainment they offer.  I love them to bits.  But please don't take these things too seriously, it might lead to religion.

I think that extraterrestrial life exists somewhere out there (if not in many places). I don't think it's too probable that it's been here, but perhaps it has (or is) and we simply haven't defined it as 'life' because it's so vastly different. Stephen Hawking, I believe, presented a theory that although we're intelligent for Earthly creatures, we might be insignificant to alien races and simply ignored, considering the power that it would take to get over here from so far away.

I am going to offer some out of the box thinking. Just because we know what supports life on our planet doesn't necessarily mean the same scientific rules apply to other parts of the distant universe. I'm am still skeptical about them if they exist visiting us but I haven't ruled it out entirely.
can you post a link to the show if it's online?
This is so good. How can someone not at least take this a little seriously?

I used to totally take Von Daniken seriously, maybe 18 years ago.  Since then I've just continually run across answers to a lot of his question marks and found out that in many cases his conclusions were only easy to jump to if you hadn't spent much time studying the subject.


There was this other guy named Bauval (Robert Bauval, I think) who had some books about mysteries of Egypt and the Mayan Prophecies and back then his stuff seemed wonderful as well.  With him too, though, his conclusions only seemed obvious until you read more about the subject and found out that he either hadn't probed very deeply or simply managed to ignore a lot of facts that contradicted his fanciful views.


I still love these sorts of speculations and find them very entertaining.  They can also really sort of expand the mind if you use them as exercises in imagination.  The important thing,though, is to realize that just looking at an anomaly and speculating about it is not an activity that is likely to get you to the truth of it.  Investigate further, find the context of some of these things, see what archeology has found and recorded.  It's very exciting and I think you'll find a more complete set of facts is just as exciting as these speculations.

I have also seen that show. I have always assumed that aliens have been around for a while. Watching that show and learning new things I did not know before just helps to show that they have probably been around a long time.

Thank you for the video post Jason.


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