Personally, I will wait with bated breath for the HD pictures to be released by China, before I believe this one. Too much trickery on YouTube.

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As usual, unsupported anecdotal evidence. Who knows what this guy saw 45 years ago? The video graphics are clearly unrelated or at least, undocumented so that we can't go check the images independently.  The last time I saw a documented case, examination of original Lunar Orbiter images did not confirm the highly image processed interpretation.  Lets see some LRO images of these sites and when they show the base, I might believe them.

I have not watched it yet in case I get disappointed. I will wait for the Chinese to do their thing first.

Don't be disappointed - they don't even mention the Chinese spacecraft in here. False advertising all around.

So this guy was an airman, second class, in 1965 - yet his vocabulary strongly suggests he was born after 1970 and his voice as well gives his birth as after 1970.  Is this supposed to be one of your 'science' posts, Michael?

The latest addition to the long list which includes alien autopsies, alien abductions, chupacabra, bigfoot, the hollow earth, astral projection, and other such nonsense. I laugh at anyone who takes this even halfway seriously.

Obvious troll is obvious

I've got some land in Florida I'd be willing to sell ya at a bargain.

The thing which come to mind when I watch this video is something basic about the moon.
Now this is the side we always see..

Which is in direct contrast to this..

Which is the backside of the moon. As you can see it is obviously more craterous. It's estimated there's a 30% increased risk of the far side of the moon getting hit with an asteroid or other space debris than the side facing us. That being said.. do you really think that anyone would want to risk that when building structures on the moon? I know I wouldn't.. 

The voice over is snipped from an existing video already posted on Youtube. This reinforces my suspicion that this is completely contrived. My grain of salt is now the size of the Moon. Only a China release will save this questionable offering.


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