A discussion about this on another forum got me thinking.  Hypothetically, if the physiological effects of alcohol were not present, would people still enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages?  Surely yes, now that we've been conditioned to like it.  But I wonder if we found a sample of people raised in a non-alcohol-philic society (assuming there is one), and presented them with a variety of alcoholic beverages, they would enjoy any of them.  Whatever they decide, is it despite the taste of alcohol, or because of it?


My guess is they wouldn't enjoy it.  Alcohol is poison to us (and most other organisms as far as I know), right?  So it would be only natural for us to find the taste offensive.


But on the other hand, fermented beverages also last because of that very same reason.  And many people unknowingly took advantage of that fact to preserve beverages - wine, beer, etc.  So maybe over the millennia of surviving on alcohol, we (or certain populations) have grown a penchant for it?

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So sad.

yeah, the more i think about this the more I think that on a biological level, humans just do not find the flavor of alcohol appealing.  Further evidence is that just like some other toxins, our body is programmed to expel it if we ingest too much too quickly.  I mean nobody likes to vomit, right?
I certainly would not drink alcoholic drinks were it not for the effects. Well, I'm not a huge fan of the alcohol buzz anyway... I prefer a more organic buzz :) But I very much dislike the taste of most types of alcohol, unless they're the smooth, expensive types. But even then. If there were not a fun side-effect, I wouldn't drink them.
I find the taste of alcohol to be vile. I don't think I've ever heard someone say "let's go to the bar tonight, the beer tastes delicious, let's get our taste on--whooooo!"

I don't like beer or wine myself but I do know beer drinkers LOVE the taste of "good" beer- whatever that is.

Wine is the same- some people love it.

As far as going to the bar to taste- some like shots, mixed-drinks, beer and wine- sometimes all on the same night.

In my area they have wine tasting tours all over the place- It's a multi-billion dollar business-

You can also tour beer and spirit distilleries - with sampling/tasting rooms.

I love the taste and pallet cleansing power of good cellar aged 'old world' style red wines mainly from France, South Africa and Chile.  I also enjoy the taste of Cognac and single malt Whiskeys.  The alcohol high isn't important to me.


I love alcohol and the taste.  Fine wines ... whiskeys , beers , cordials of all kinds.  


I kind of enjoy the burning sensation of the harder liquors.  Reminds me that I'm alive and the slight burning pain turns into enjoyment in a way.. then you get that warm feeling all over when sipping a whiskey.  


If I didn't get drunk then I would drink endless amounts of the above mentioned.  

Yes, I think we would. We would use it as a "spice" and a preservative. Vinegar is awful by itself, but pickles and Tabasco sauce are tasty.
that's a good point.  I guess the issue isn't black and white.  If it's diluted enough, surely it may have some benefits.
There are some wines I like, but that's pretty much it. My dad however loves beer. All different kinds. He'll taste one, describe the taste, overtones, aftertaste, etc. But to me, every beer tastes exactly the same... I honestly don't like beer. Any beer. Had rum and coke once which was okay. But I rarely drink any alcohol (never been drunk) and fail to see how so many can derive such enjoyment from it.
As you mentioned taste verse effect, it is rational to assume that if the benefit was not there we would not take the time to find the one we are most palatable with...as per your test, if the alcohol was there and the education to enjoy it was there then yes they would...excluding individual interests...as for myself being an old bartender I went for the taste, a shot with mix was for girls, I also discovered working in some fine establishments that age means everything!
I drink fruity drinks. So yeah, I'd still drink them because they are tasty. That said, I'm thinking about going on a second binge of not drinking because of weight. I drink one night a week or every two weeks and I can't seem to shake weight this year just running. Stupid sugary drinks. Otherwise people can keep the wines and whiskey's for themselves. I'd sneak a beer a couple of times a year even if it weren't for the buzz.


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