Aheists, I would love your opinion on deathbed and "spiritual" visions!

I have noticed in India, that many people claim to be next to a person's deathbed and then they claim to see this whitish soul looking thing which they describe as the soul leaving the body. After that, they find out that the person actually died. If people are being genuine about their accounts, what would you make of this?

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 Have you literally "noticed this in India" or are you reporting what you heard or read somewhere? Can you supply some documented accounts or articles for us to read please? As we don't have souls I suspect it is "Woo".

I read about it on a site. I also know a few people who claim that they saw these things. I know it is anecdotal. If they were being honest though I am wondering what they could have seen

They may indeed believe they saw something and considered it to be real. They are mistaken. India is a country full of “woo” or “spiritual” reports. As the country develops it is becoming less superstitious. However it is not uncommon to have riots when the trick is revealed. Skeptics run the risk of being murdered because they disrupt traditional business that have always been based on trickery. Some are funny but some are dangerous but all are trickery and involve ripping off innocent or poorly educated people. Same as Evangelical healing in the USA or elsewhere. I have a link to a great documentary on it somewhere so I will see if I can locate it for you. It covers the topic you posted.

We live. We die. The party then goes on without us. Once you figure that out life gets easier. When you set yourself free of that worry there is nothing to fear. It becomes that simple. The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be.

I read about it on a site

The earth is flat: I read about it on a site.

I also know a few people who claim that they saw these things

Look out the window, looks flat to me.

I know it is anecdotal

Then why take it seriously?

If they were being honest though I am wondering what they could have seen

Even if they were being honest, it carries so little weight as evidence, we may as well just ignore it.

Disclaimer: The earth is a globe, the flat earth thing here was sarcasm to show to silliness of the OP's statements.

If you make the assumption that it and similar its is bullshit you are safer than safe. In the second world war pilots saw gremlins on wings. We are all influenced by others and what we think we see is not a reliable indication of what was there. 

I had last rites when I was little...I saw "the light" and yet here I am on TA. My mother, who was a believer bragged about the fact how I sat up and cried "Jesus". Well I had that drilled into me my whole short life, what else did they expect me to say?!!!

She "saw" the light later when the priest sex scandals broke.

I saw a Ghost once when I was a small boy.  It was Saturday morning and his name was Casper.

yeah but the 3 stooges was way better

It's a geographically limited phenomenon, not one to do with the human species, which you must see has many implications which are very difficult to justify.

Likely, when people in close proximity or those who have acess to the same narrative (most often in geographical confines), its more often a case of mass hysteria/belief, nothing else.

Nevertheless, it is a harsh truth. I understand that the aspect of their not having a soul and afterlife is a very very bitter truth to swallow. It is scary, makes us realize that the world is in fact very unfair, and that we are way more responsible for our actions than we admit to. But most importantly it teaches us how precious life is, so best enjoy it.

"I have noticed in India" = "I read about charlatans in India"


Humans have issues dealing with what is, I think a big percentage of our "adopted reality" comes from our cultural background and indeed mentally molds the what we deem to be spiritual experience.. 


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