I feel that agnotisicm is the personification of PASCAL'S WAGER.

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Reg gave you the long answer. I like short answers.

Your proposal makes no sense to. 

agnosticism: the view that the existence of God or the supernatural is unknown or unknowable.

Pascal's Wager: Why not believe in God? What have you got to lose?

What are you proposing? "I believe in the unknown/unnowable because why the hell not?"

In the same way that agnosticism is not atheism, atheism is not anti-theism. I am an antitheist. In other words, there absolutely is no such thing as a magic man in the sky. And those who say there is must be prepared to bring Him (or she, or it) out from behind the clouds to be interrogated. Otherwise, the concept is preposterous on its face.

 “God is unknowable” is a positive statement to the effect that god exists but is unknowable. That statement declares a belief ijn god. Agnosticism is a belief in god.

There is no such thing as an agnostic atheist. An atheist states that there is no god without any qualification.. No god, knowable or unknowable.

 I think of Pascal's Wager as a joke he is making. He is saying that there is only good consequences from declaring a belief in god and only bad consequences for the opposite...if you believe in an afterlife. If you do not believe in an afterlife, which atheistsm cannot, there is no harm in stating god exists if it pleases others. I can't see the statement as an actual wager but only as joke mnaimed at doubters,.


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