My little brother is having a fight with my dad because of his grades and he was physically beaten. He is now crying. My mother agrees with it. I disagree but do not wish to intervene because of the collateral damage.


Also, "physical teaching" in general too.

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Agreed. There are better methods for good parenting.
Sending your child to your room isn't silly and it doesn't mean the parent's are avoiding the problem and it certainly doesn't mean you are a terrible parent. Frankly your statements about this practice are rather insensitive and short sighted.

Sending your child to their room and giving both you and your child a bit to calm down and think about the situation so you can talk it out later is extremely healthy and good parenting. I personally benefited from being sent to my room when things between my parents and I got heated it taught me how to calm myself down and talk out my problems in a calm manner. It also kept my parents from getting to that extremely frustrated point where their actions/words got out of control.
Ok. I get your point. But I was talking about a situation where no other way to resolve the issue was even tried and the "go to your room" was just used to avoid the problem not to avoid a bigger fight or to give both parties a chance to calm down. I probably should've mentioned that earlier to avoid creating confusion. Sorry. I agree that when things are starting to heat up a break is necessary.
I was abused by my alcoholic mother as a child and never got over it. If a woman hits me to this day I leave them instantly, no second chances. I suppose it's different as he's being hit by a man that he could legitimately defend himself against. All I am saying is that physical abuse is very difficult to forgive and in my experience impossible.

I have intervened the second day and proposed my parents to help my brother 30 minutes everyday to explain the logic behind his mechanically copy-pasted lessons. First day is a success. He understood how the "-" sign works in math now, even with variables and absolute values. I just proposed him to do his homework everyday and after he done, or "looked" on it, he would come to me so that I could explain it better, from the base upwards.

My brother has allot of voids in his minds and he needs those voids to understand everything that is harder and more complex. In the end, the education system here is despicable. Good thing I am at the best high-school in my city.

The conversation with my parents went on for a good amount of time. I cannot go into detail about the "algorithm" I proposed to help my brother ( I am from computer science so it makes sense to me ).

Hey, it's been a month now since you've talked to your parents about your brother's situation. How are things going? Can you see any improvement or was it all for nothing?

Things are better but not best. Nothing special lately, they got along ( my parents and my bro ). It is a little tension but I think it will wash away.


I am pushing my brother to be gentle and not upset my parents. Facebook status: It is complicated.


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