Sorry I am not as active on here as I once was. I've been very busy with my new career as a independent writer and editor, writing web content, blog articles, and editing seven nonfiction books for authors. However, I just wanted to check in and say thanks to you all on this US holiday of Thanksgiving. I've come to the understanding that life is much simpler once you remove God from the picture and start taking responsibility for your own life and the circumstances surrounding it. It lacks in no quality, and in fact brings a sense of peace in life. Of course, you have to sift through the muck of being human first, but once you're out of that rabbit hole, you can breathe easier. I hope you all find the same peace.

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To you as well. Hope all is good and proper.

Why are your comments not popping up on the front page, Bazza?  Are you a ghost? 

If Bazza is a reference to me, then I don't know about the comments. No, I am certainly flesh and blood.

You are very lucky! Major editing work and social media projects are drying up here and new writings are crashing the scene doing work for a pittance. 

Happy thanks giving

Web content writing is dreary, I agree. the major problem is that you have writers from India and other developing nations willing to do the work for next to nothing compared to what it would take in the US. They still get paid in USD, but $5.00 goes along way in India compared to the States. When companies only think about work as an expense rather than an investment, it's no longer about quality and value, but cheap, fast, and easy.

As for editing work, I am learning that it's all about who you know. Writing can be the same, but I avoid places like Elance - that is a good way to kill your business.

Perhaps the answer is to then live where the cost of living is low enough to allow competive pricing?

Web writing, etc, can be done from anywhere.

If you want to live where its more expensive to do the same thing, that is typically because you want what that more expensive location offers, and are simply willing to have a higher overhead to get it/spend a higher proportion of your earnings on location.

That is of course a valid asessment, as in real estate, location location location are sort of drilled in as important.


Finding online work is easy but with a flood of very good and low salaried editors from's become next to impossible to make a living there. I'm based in Madrid and moving to a smaller town would be the death of my social life and would mean living in a less tolerant and more conservative environment. Moving to another EU country would mean a significant expense and yet another start over (6th) plus probably learning the language and working out the different social-security transfers, loss of pension, possible loss on exchanging a large amount of money to a non-euro currency, some countries don't cover absolutely everything (all medicines or some procedures) with their heath system or make you pay something up front. This goes on and on. I'm not going to move somewhere to save 10% of my costs. Nor am I a pauper, I have enough going on for now...I am simply happy for Barry that he has so many projects going on.

What I do when the market is saturated with low cost high quality work, is do something else...and finch a niche where I can compete and be compensated proportionally.

That way I don't spread my time across too many venues at once, and, can concentrate my energies on whatever I think will give the best overall ROI.

I have a fairly wide array of job skills, and, have used them across overlapping fields, and, essentially make my living coming into new fields or different fields from related ones, with a fresh perspective and applying what I know to the new endeavors, learning new skills, and repeating the process.

Its important to do something you enjoy enough that its not killing you to do it.

I have friends who will work mad hours with a long commute, at jobs they hate, and use all the extra money they made, to pay for long vacations to get away from their jobs.

If I don't like a job, or it evolves into a job I don't like, I change jobs...its not worth wasting my life on something meaningless or boring...I want things to teach me, enrich me, allow me to make a contribution to society, and support my family, dependents, etc.

I WILL put in the work needed to shift gears/re-direct, because its worth it, to me.

That's why I am currently focused on work as a copy editor, editing books for independent authors. It brings in more money than writing content for the time being, and it is something I enjoy doing.

As for writing, I use the small gigs to keep in practice and save what little money is made from what the writing mill I am connected to gives me. Everything I am doing has a practical purpose. For the moment, the goal in my writing and editing is to build my own business with local and domestic clientele, and should a company come along to sweeten the financial pot, I'll consider it - but it would have to be a good deal. The one thing I won't give up is my autonomy for the sake of being absorbed in a corporate job.

Right now, all this requires me to be bi-vocational, but that will change in time. I am a lot further along than I was two years ago. My goal is simple: any money made is saved in order to be invested and not spent.

I am not deterred from my goals as a result of my current situation. Things have been progressing.


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