I'm having a hard time dealing with non-existing after life. I mean I don't believe in any Gods so therefore there is no reason to believe in an afterlife. I know my conscious mind will be gone and therefore I will not be aware of anything but i still can't believe in completely and total darkness after life.


what do you all believe happens after death? Maybe hearing others opinions will make me feel better about this.

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When we die - poof, we're dead. What happens when your dog dies? What happens when a cricket dies? It is the same for us - we're simply an animal in the animal kingdom.

Even with knowing all that, I still have an irrational fear of death. X_x

Heres why i no longer have fear of death... maybe it will help..


There are basically two ways we go out of this world.


1. Instantly - In this case i wont have time to think about it so why fear something you cant or wont see coming. To live with a fear of whats around the corner would stop me from enjoying whats right here now.


2. Over time - in this case i will know my death is oncoming and have time to reflect and enjoy the richness of my existence and make peace with myself. Again nothing to fear here since i have time to accept it and depart life with a full heart.


No matter which happens to me fearing and living my life with that fear will do nothing but hamper the life that i am living now and detract from the reflection in the second case above. I refuse to rob myself of happiness today for fear of tomorrow. 


thank you Stephen! that was what i needed to hear!

When put like that my fear becomes even more irrational. Thank you Stephen.

Maybe for you who struggle with the fear of a permanent end to your existence read this. The original is cached.

Thank you for sharing that, Albert. That was an insightful read.

Death doesn't bother me because I realize just how special and unlikely life is. Nonexistence didn't bother me before I ever came to be, so why should it bother me at death? I will some day cease to be. Consciousness will be gone, senses gone, etc. The chemical and electric reactions in my body will eventually stop and I'll be a simple collection of biological matter. I simply feel that death is just that... the end of the road. No afterlife, and quite frankly that doesn't bother me.


Here's a video of Richard Dawkins that puts it quite eloquently.


My wish for 'after life' is this: Please cremate my body and send the ashes to space, so none of my remaining atoms have to deal with all these idiocy.

Since energy can't be created or destroyed, I want whatever energy I give out to go toward something constructive...

To date I have been given no evidence that would lead me to believe anything other than death being the end of an individual person's existence.

I came across this quote the other day that I think applies to your question in a way:

"Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order." - David Gerrold -

Now that's funny. And true. I'm going remember that.


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