I'm having a hard time dealing with non-existing after life. I mean I don't believe in any Gods so therefore there is no reason to believe in an afterlife. I know my conscious mind will be gone and therefore I will not be aware of anything but i still can't believe in completely and total darkness after life.


what do you all believe happens after death? Maybe hearing others opinions will make me feel better about this.

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I think the atheist perspective offers something truly unique in answer to this question.


Working on the conclusion that there is no afterlife, we have only this life to become the person we want to. There is no "be an asshole, go to confession, and you still get eternal heaven after your body dies."


Second, it provides motivation to be the best person we can. Organized religion has a habit of idealizing its poorer constituent while showering the leaders with lavish luxuries. It is a control mechanism that preys on poorer, less educated people. Barring some statistical outliers, people always want to improve their own situation. Knowing that now is the time, the only time, to do it motivates like nothing else.


Third, it makes this life a more special experience. This is life. There is nothing before or after for our "consciousness." This can be an intimidating thing to accept when transitioning from a religious background. Belief that everyone you have ever known is still around somewhere helps a lot of people deal with death. But that does not mean that it is a physically correct explanation of the things that happen. I have argued that it is actually a less healthy way of dealing with death. In my experiences, religious ceremonies are aimed at easing the pain, rather than dealing with the issue of death. This was the hardest part of the atheist transition for me and probably several others, but you pretty much have to rationalize it away just like the rest of the BS.


We're here if you need more support!

I'm paraphrasing here, as it has been several years since I read it, but I belive it was Robert Heinlein (corrections invited, please) who wrote


" I don't know that there is an afterlife. I don't know that there isn't an afterlife.  Eventually, we all find out, so in the meantime, whay not enjoy life to the full."


Words to live by.

The same that happened before birth: Pretty much nothing. :)

Yeah, I at least wish there was one (an after-life) where Hitler could be made to watch each and every minute of suffering he cause each and every man, woman, and child. At least give me that. Oh wait. Here is an even better idea. He could be made to feel each and every minute of suffering he caused. Yeah. let him watch it first, knowing, that after he has seen everything he caused, he can then be made to feel it.

I always say if there was a hell - someone like Khamenei and Khomeini and other brutal tyrants and genocidal maniacs deserve to rot in hell forever - but at the same time - I am glad there is no heaven or hell. :) 

Personally I have been pronounced dead twice, so I know that there is nothing at all afterwards. You do however see a white/yellowish light but it surrounds you it's not like a light at the end of a tunnel that you have to get to. It's painless and you have no idea it happened and time is gone and there's zilch. It actually made me more at ease with the final end of it all though. I drowned once and was dead for 2 mins then was brought back and was in a car accident where I was pronounced dead twice in one night! (I only consider that one death though since it was during the same incident.


I used to be deathly afraid of dying, and am still not exactly okay with it. I like living and all so that's where I still get hung up on. 


I'd like to believe what the Bhuddist's  think and your soul just keeps on keeping on so to speak but there's no way to know that for sure. 

However Nikola Tesla did find those other dimensions you speak of so there's that too.

Wow...how long ago was that?

First time was when I was 16 the car accident I was 17. It was a rough year haha.

It is weird that we won't be here one day. We won't even be able to know that we are not here or that we ever were. It's odd for sure. I just think of it like going to sleep, but with out dreams and you never wake up.

I feel the same way.

When we die - poof, we're dead. What happens when your dog dies? What happens when a cricket dies? It is the same for us - we're simply an animal in the animal kingdom.

Heres why i no longer have fear of death... maybe it will help..


There are basically two ways we go out of this world.


1. Instantly - In this case i wont have time to think about it so why fear something you cant or wont see coming. To live with a fear of whats around the corner would stop me from enjoying whats right here now.


2. Over time - in this case i will know my death is oncoming and have time to reflect and enjoy the richness of my existence and make peace with myself. Again nothing to fear here since i have time to accept it and depart life with a full heart.


No matter which happens to me fearing and living my life with that fear will do nothing but hamper the life that i am living now and detract from the reflection in the second case above. I refuse to rob myself of happiness today for fear of tomorrow. 



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