I'm having a hard time dealing with non-existing after life. I mean I don't believe in any Gods so therefore there is no reason to believe in an afterlife. I know my conscious mind will be gone and therefore I will not be aware of anything but i still can't believe in completely and total darkness after life.


what do you all believe happens after death? Maybe hearing others opinions will make me feel better about this.

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I don't think you can predict what the near future holds. A lot of things that we have today, 60-70 years ago would have been deemed "impossible" or "highly unlikely to happen". Not only are the technologies for cryonics improving, so is genetic engineering.

Dr. Michio Kaku answered my question about cryonics on BigThink a while back and he envisions a day in which genetic engineering improves so that cryonics become a possibility - in the way certain frogs freeze in the winter and then spring back to life. With the improvements of genetic engineering - and the fact that with cryonics they preserve your body when your cells are still active - the problems with cellular death may soon be solved - you remain a pessimist, but visionaries remain optimists and with improvements in science and technology, it is in the very realm of scientific possibilities. I suggest you read his new book, "Physics of the Future".

I must admit that I'm not a big fan of his, but I might add it to the pile yet.

How can one not be a fan of Dr. Kaku?? One of the smartest minds since Einstein...that is a mind boggler!

It is possible. I have nothing against him or anything, on the contrary. And he's doing wonderful work. I watched him talk and explain with arms and legs and pictures and his unbridled enthusiasm frequently, and I get why he's a great popularizer, but let's just say he is not for me. I am adding the book to the list though.

I was just wondering to your reason why. He is not just a popularizer - he is the co-founder of string theory. He writes very sophisticated books on physics as well. I was just wondering to your reason??

And he looks like Jimi Page


I think that once we die, that’s it.  No soul, afterlife, sky daddy, Lifestream or anything of the like.  It is a scary thing though, to know your own mortality and to understand that we have a finite lifespan, but its not all bad.  For me, I actually have learned to take comfort in that fact.  Yes life is short in the grand scheme of things, and I am a bit sad that I probably won’t see our species advance into the stars (unless the Singularity occurs while Im alive and I can imprint my brain into a computer or something *crosses fingers*), but knowing that you are fortunate enough to be in existence with a conscious mind, that’s just incredible to me.  We are an evolutionary fluke, the only life that we know of that has cognitive thought that is self aware, and how fortunate we are to be a part of it.  I also take comfort in the fact that I am not wasting my life by restricting my activities just because some ancient book said not to.  The trade off is you don’t have the illusion of eternity, but it is because you have such a short time here that it makes it that much more exciting.  You feel less inclined to settle with a mediocre life of merely existing, or maybe that’s just me >_< It will take some time in your own head to figure things out, and you will doubt yourself at times, but don’t listen, its just the brainwashing talking.  Once you are comfortable with your own mortality, you will learn a lot more about yourself, for better or worse. 

Being dead is something I have no control over...I'm dead. Therefore I don't worry about it. What does cause me to think a little is the manner in which I die. Would I like to die in my sleep or fade away with my family and friends around me? Pain or no pain? etc, etc.
Death is just part of life. Remember life is not short. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

In comparison to the age of the Earth and the Universe - life is quite short - but it is the longest it has ever been on Earth so that is good news. :)

When you die, you become a memory to all those who knew you. Those who liked you will put you in heaven. Those who did not like you will put you in hell. Once there is no-one left on earth who remembers you, you cease to exist. My epitaph will read, "All you who pass here speak my name, that I might attain immortality".



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