Correct me if I'm wrong, but mostly as atheists, we believe in nothingness after death, or at least I think I do. But then we have all of this stuff with mediums and spirits that maybe point to evidence to an afterlife. Some mediums have told people things that no one else has known, so that really makes me wonder.
I was really just wondering what everyone's opinions were on afterlife and spirits and stuff like that. Like, what exactly do you think happens after death?

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This is how you build a perfect delusion - by fabricating rationalizations that excuse the lack of evidence for your bullshit beliefs.  The only reason any psychic would feel they couldn't perform under the conditions Randi sets out is because they don't want to be revealed as frauds.

This is how you build a perfect shell to defend your prejudices. 

No, Simon - what I do is adjust my views to reflect the evidence to which I've been exposed.  This leaves me with opinions that others, like yourself, often find very irritating because they are difficult to refute without resorting to bullshit lines like "well we can't know everything" or "anything is possible" or "but my bullshit is still at least plausible" - lines that are the last refuge of the ontologically crippled.

Actually, Heather, I suspect the VERY last refuge, is, "God works in mysterious ways --"

I love Jim Jeffries take on 'mysterious'

Well Heather - maybe you should expose yourself to more evidence.  I think you prefer to run a mile.  "Does not compute." 

You mean I should disregard all evidence and accept only your anecdotal evidence in order for you to believe I'm unbiased. Riiiigggghhht.

Some of the things that James Randi sets out to test - can't be tested under the conditions he specifies.

For example... ?

I accept ideas based on how probable their correctness is, subject to change with new evidence. I think dead = dead, but don't feel the need to disprove or ridicule people who believe otherwise. I'm more interested in why people believe in things that are so improbable.

I know human brains aren't optimized to think logically or even clearly. Could you at least grant that most common claims of the supernatural are delusions?

...why people believe in things that are so improbable?

Because their beliefs offer hope?

Whoever devised Pandora's Box was a clever sob.


Pandora, oh you stupid bitch
Gods what were you thinking!
Were you busy popping pills
Or had you been out drinking?

It's not the Sickness that shot out
When you opened that bloody box
We’ve found a cure for malaria,
Measles and chicken pox

The Anger and the Rage of course
Were greeted with open arms
We’ve managed several nasty wars
And nuclear alarms

Hatred, well we clearly know
It's sown its little seed
Though Jealousy gave us Shakespeare’s plays
Along with kingly Greed

But then you clapped it shut and that
Should really have been all
But no, you had to look again
On hearing that whiny call...

Pandora, I could drown you, bitch
Or hang you from a rope,
You let the worst thing out of all,
That draining, bleeding Hope.

Wow, that was good enough to have been one of yours --

@Arch  Thank you - it was one of mine - hence no credit given :)


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