Correct me if I'm wrong, but mostly as atheists, we believe in nothingness after death, or at least I think I do. But then we have all of this stuff with mediums and spirits that maybe point to evidence to an afterlife. Some mediums have told people things that no one else has known, so that really makes me wonder.
I was really just wondering what everyone's opinions were on afterlife and spirits and stuff like that. Like, what exactly do you think happens after death?

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@Angela - I agree on Derren Brown - did you see the one where he turned an Atheist into a christian, truly fascinating to see the effect of hypnotising and suggestion. I doubt if people other than English and Australian have seen him.

I believe in death after death. "Nothingness" sounds like I'm still going to be me, but trapped in a black sensory deprivation chamber.

Yeah, I agree actually. Death after death sounds more like how it will be.

I believe in death after death. "Nothingness" sounds like I'm still going to be me, but trapped in a black sensory deprivation chamber.

I think that's how many people really DO imagine what we are saying, when one tries to explain to them that there's no heaven or hell.  And they rightly recoil at that thought.

It's really nonexistence, the same state you were in a hundred fifty years ago in the year 1863.  And that didn't bother you in the slightest.

Dead is dead is DEAD!!!   But just in case, don't contact me, I'll contact you.

I can not for one moment allow myself to think their is a spirit world, then I have to believe that there is also a satan and a god. It is the same as listening to the family on people who had near death experiences and went to heaven. A load of ...

I will accept mediums only after they successfully pass a double blind study. Have yet to see anything close to a pass in any real test.

When you die, your body dies, which contains your brain, so your consciousness ceases to exist. Then your body begins decomposition. That is all.

$5.75. Don't get caught dead without it. It's the interplanetary toll as suggested by the "Heaven's Gate" folks. May as well pick up some alien abduction insurance, thinking of the loved ones who get left behind.

And don't forget your towel.

My towel was touched by Douglas Adams himself.

All Hail the Towel



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