Correct me if I'm wrong, but mostly as atheists, we believe in nothingness after death, or at least I think I do. But then we have all of this stuff with mediums and spirits that maybe point to evidence to an afterlife. Some mediums have told people things that no one else has known, so that really makes me wonder.
I was really just wondering what everyone's opinions were on afterlife and spirits and stuff like that. Like, what exactly do you think happens after death?

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Really think I didn't know that?

You move in mysterious ways

Sometimes I even zigzag!



I dont believe in an afterlife - I think we live on in our children and we become worm food.

But if your interested in  things like mediums and seances you have to get into Derren Brown.

You will love him

May I offer a modest proposal?

If we don't have enough money for universal health care and expenses mount, our children can cook and eat us and we can really live on in them.

Or. as Atheists are all too often accused of, we could eat their babies, and continue to live on in them --

Logically speaking, the undoubted existence of frauds and charlatans and the ability to fake it, doesn't in itself preclude that it can be true.  We can have fake Rolexes - that doesn't mean that there can be no real Rolexes. 

Doesn't preclude that it can be true - exactly like pointing to the fact that although mankind has imagined thousands of deities, that doesn't preclude the possibility that one of those imagined deities might actually exist.  Poppycock.

I like the hindu version of things. It may be more faith than fact but it I like its implications of do good and move up the ladder, do bad and slip down the snake. It makes you accountable for your life. Good karma.

Anyone who gets their sense of accountability from fear of becoming a dung beatle in a future life doesn't deserve reincarnation, not even as a dung beatle. Karma is just the same silly human superstition that drives Catholic guilt manifesting itself in a different way.  It's a true challenge to rise above that superstition and pettyness and be moral simply because you know it's right.

I see dead people.

But then we have all of this stuff with mediums and spirits that maybe point to evidence to an afterlife.


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