I'm having a hard time dealing with non-existing after life. I mean I don't believe in any Gods so therefore there is no reason to believe in an afterlife. I know my conscious mind will be gone and therefore I will not be aware of anything but i still can't believe in completely and total darkness after life.


what do you all believe happens after death? Maybe hearing others opinions will make me feel better about this.

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Great post. I used to stay up and cry at nights thinking about death - that one day my mother and father will never be alive. That one day my younger brother will never be alive. That one day soon my grandparents will not be alive. That one day I will not be alive. I will be nothing. I will have no consciousness - no memory - no thoughts - no existence - I will be spoof, NOTHING.

I really used to cry at nights once or twice a month with this fear until maybe a year and a half ago. Saying this - I never even considered believing in an imaginary afterlife to appease these fears. These fears are why religion is so powerful - our self awareness of life and death - this is why it is so hard to get rid of the irrational beliefs of those who are devout.

I think at the end of the day - this fear becomes less and less with maturity. Once growing up and maturing - one realizes that we are all animals and to have this fear is simply selfish. This is the beauty of evolution and we are lucky enough to have been that one sperm that fertilized with our mother's ovum to form into a human being and enter this world. Saying this - I understand where you are coming from...

Hell - this has influenced my field of study. I studied business administration before and now I am back in school studying psychology/neuroscience as I feel that once we are able to somehow map the brain - it may be possible to transfer consciousness to computer chips. That day is many decades - even centuries away - but it is a passion of mine to learn and understand the brain. As a worse case scenario - when I get older-  I will not be buried but I will undergo cryonics - do you know what that is?

cryonics? yes i am aware of what this is, but isn't it costly.


I'm at the point now where you use to be, upset and scared out my mind.  I keep reminding myself this happens to everyone and everything ends but i'm secretly wishing for another dimension or something...lol.

How old are you may I ask??

With cryonics - you can put them as your life insurance beneficiary. And hopefully in the years to come - the technology for it will improve and become more beneficial.

At the end of the day - I don't fear death so much as of yet - I am 27 - I am sure once I get older, I will once again start to become more paranoid but I rather use the fruits of my passions rather than dwell death like I used to. But again...I know where you are coming from and how you feel..

My recent experience in Iran may have changed me in some ways in that everyone are alive but in their eyes are dead (like zombies) living under totalitarianism and oppression and I appreciate living in freedom even more than I did before..

21. so i have a  loooong life ahead of me.

*Knock on wood. Imagine how much science has progressed the last 70-years and look at the potential it has for the next 70-years.

Do you like to read?? I really suggest you read Dr. Michio Kaku's new book "Physics of the Future" - it is remarkable and is based on reality, not fiction. Dr. Kaku has interviewed over 300 of the top scientists in the field in predicting the future from now until 2030, from 2030-2070, and life in 2100. It is a fascinating book (I am 3/4th of the way done) and I am actually reading it right now. I highly suggest you read it and the advancements he predicts in the coming years.

Have either of you ever heard of the Singularity?  Its a very interesting topic that a lot bright minds like Ray Kurzweil believe isn’t too far away.  Basically it’s the notion that our technological knowledge will have advanced to the point where we will have unlocked the next stage in human history, good or bad.

Yup I have. We'll see where technology takes us.

Yes we shall! Extinction or the Cosmos, exciting. ^_^


your English is fine no need to apologize.

This what happens after I die thing, extension of existential angst, has never bothered me. Personally I am completely at ease with my mortality, ever since it first crossed my mind. I think the anxiety comes down to not fully absorb and understand what Nelson said, namely what exactly not existing entails.

An anticipation of "completely and total darkness" speaks to that effect. There will be no such thing. There will be nothing at all. You will seize to exist and that's that. The only thing that survives of you is a fading and progressively corrupted memory of you in the minds of others that do exist. But it won't matter to you, because there is no you to be concerned about anything at all.

(It will be interesting to discuss the transferability of (disembodied) consciousness, (meaning a personality with a certain biographical narrative etc.) one day, because I think there are reasons why it is impossible. I am however not completely certain.) Another question is the desirability of such an operation if possible. I think some serious thought will have to be put in this if or when the time comes.

Cryogenics is simply an extremely wasteful way to not deal with the facts of death by self-important people who think they are just to wonderful to die. Currently clients being frozen have themselves completely wrecked and demolished at the cellular level. It is merely an icy mummification process and hardly an improvement on the theme, that could at least be energetically easily bettered by simple burying their corpses in layers of permafrost and hope climate "skeptics" are right. (Whose vainglorious stupidity could be argued is on a par.)

Postponing death is much more difficult, not impossible, but difficult and an uphill battle at attempting to tweak cellular processes against ever more complex trade-off mechanisms, than it would be to focus on maintaining a good health at ever higher age and improving on the quality of life instead of the quantity of it. This has been done quite successfully already in wealthier countries and primarily in the wealthier layers of society within these wealthier countries.

Cryonics.. yeah..

what happens after death, is the same as what happens before birth...



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