I signed up to be an organ donor a while back because I know there is a shortage of them and hopefully i'll be able to help someone once I'm gone. I remember asking my mom if she would do it and she had the "hell no" look on her face. She gave no reason why she wouldn't, but the last thing I want to do is press my beliefs on someone else.
I was just thinking about cemeteries and they seem like a waste of land and money. I know they give people comfort ,but gosh. I just kinda dislike meaningless traditions.
I know cremation and donating your body to medical science are alternatives to burials, but does anyone know any others or have any opinions on it?

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I've always been partial to the concept behind the Tibetan sky burial. In Tibet the ground is mostly rocks and there is very little wood to burn. So they partially cut up a body to facilitate predation and natural decomposition and place them on a mountain. To them, the body of the deceased is just seen as an empty vessel that they are returning to nature.

Dylan, I like their attitude

That's really interesting

I wanted to donate my body to the Body Farm, where they do experiments for forensic applications. However, you have to pay to have the body shipped there and I am retired on social security. Don't have any money. No close family. I told my friends not to claim my body. The county can burn, bury, use it for cat food. I don't care. I am also a donor but, after a certain age, they rarely use your organs -- still, maybe something will be usable.

Other options include donating your body to medical school. This allows med students to practice autopsy.  

Yes, I tried that too, but they also required that one pay shipping. I live in a small town; no medical school for hundreds of miles.

I'm a full body donor. I like the idea that my body will go to use when I die. Also, I'll be cremated rather than senselessly taking up space in the ground. There is a new option available where your body can be dissolved in water. But I think its only available in Florida so far. I love the idea of having my ashes ejected into space. Too bad it's probably not a feasible option.

I wouldn't mind being ejected into space. Never heard of the dissolving-in-water plan. Must take quite a while.

From what I read, it takes about the same as cremation. The water is highly pressurized, heated and alkaline. The liquid is then dumped into the water system and the bones are recovered and crushed to ash.

Cremation makes complete sense in our world. I agree with the total waste of land and money when it comes to grave yards. And if you notice historically, they always picked the best and most potentially valuable real estate in the community, usually on a hill overlooking the water, etc.with obviously no thought of the never ending maintenance requirements. Also no concern with tying up land forever, when you consider the room for all of the population of the earth past and going forward.It all just goes with the pagan based denial that dead bodies are just deteriorating carcases after death, and when people are gone they are just memories in the minds of the people they left behind.

I may be seventeen, but one idea that I like is just having my body dumped in the woods somewhere. That way I can say I came from the nature, and I returned to it.


I am an organ donor, btw.


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