I signed up to be an organ donor a while back because I know there is a shortage of them and hopefully i'll be able to help someone once I'm gone. I remember asking my mom if she would do it and she had the "hell no" look on her face. She gave no reason why she wouldn't, but the last thing I want to do is press my beliefs on someone else.
I was just thinking about cemeteries and they seem like a waste of land and money. I know they give people comfort ,but gosh. I just kinda dislike meaningless traditions.
I know cremation and donating your body to medical science are alternatives to burials, but does anyone know any others or have any opinions on it?

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Great that you are an organ donor at such a young age, because they can use so many organs from a young body. I wish it were legal to just dump me in the woods, because I love trees. We have lots of forests in Oregon.


I watched a program a while ago, and there is somewhere in USA that you can pay for your body to decompose naturally in a forest.  Its privately run.  Look it up - I will.

I think it's your body so you can do whatever you do with it - I don't really think it has to necessarily do with your faith (or the lack of it) as most people believe. So logically speaking donation is a good thing to do if you want to help people after you're gone. I would personally rather donate my body to the ground or the sea - that's the most natural process. I don't want the crazy cemetery display stuff though - just dump me somewhere in the forest and let the environment take care of the rest.

I want to donate my body to science fiction. ;)

But in seriousness, at that point I will be dead and my opinion rather inconsequential. I would prefer society make the decision on what is the best use of corpses and definitely take that responsibility out of the hands of those who knew me since they should not be burdened with such things.

There's a company in England that liquefies bodies and dumps them down the drain.

I believe donating your body for scientific research or donating your organs to someone needing them is the best choice. And then what's remaining of you can be cremated and the ashes can be kept by your relatives if you want. It's a win-win solution

I'm a donor too, made that decision long ago. Can't be bothered with the rest of it, as I find it too boring to be able to concentrate.

You could pay to preserve your head or body cryogenically if you had enough money.  Alternatively, you could allow nature to consume your body in a manner similar to that used by the Parsi community (Tower of Silence).

I'm sure there must be laws that dictate how bodies can be disposed of for public health reasons so your choices will probably be limited.

i have always wanted to donate my body because you need to conserve and reuse all you can. Unfortunately the idea completely appalls my parents. so for now i have to stay put. a silent cremation after which the ashes too can be put for plant compost seems like a good solution, this way you're using every bit of yourself. i might be a nuisance all my life, but death can bring better deeds atleast!  

Tibetan Sky Burial from the BBC "Human Planet" series and mentioned by Dylan in the first reply.

Donate the organs, and then leave the rest to either science or have it buried in a farm or forest.

I am an organ donor as well. However, once they take what they need I plan to be cremated and my ashes placed in cement. Which will be made into a coral reef ball and added to a coral bed on the coast of Florida.


For me that is as eternal as I want to get. 


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