Hello, I'm Griffin and I'd first like to introduce myself by saying this is my first time posting on Think Atheist. I mainly just read posts and threads from time to time.

    I'm currently living in a small, Christian dominated, not-so-diverse town and I'm feeling a bit off. I'm having a hard time finding people with similar interests/views. My question to you guys is, do any of you have any experience in finding other Atheists without bluntly asking them "Hey, are you Atheist?"? I'm not a very socially out-there kind of guy with strangers, but I'm very observant of people, their behaviors, and their actions, but whenever I try to get to know someone from school in-depth (wish suspicion of them having some sanity) I end up at a dead, brainwashed(or even clueless on their own claimed "faith") end.

    I would REALLY appreciate hearing everyone's advice, thoughts, feelings, suggestions, etc. Thank you! Also, if any of this is unclear please point it out so I can change it. I'm too tired to proofread effectively.

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couchsurfing.com is a great way to hang out with liberaly minded people. While, it is true, a large percentage happen to be superficially into zen and universal vibrations of conciousness...no one would care if you're atheist. They have meetups even large towns and cities (so there's likely to be a place within 50 km of where you live). At least once a month. The bonus with couchsurfing is that you can also travel and stay on someone's couch if you feel comfortable with it. I've done it 100 times. You can also host. Just tell your parents a "friend of a friend" will be in town and wants to stay. Being a couchsurfer doesn't mean you have to host or travel...you can pretty easily make like-minded buddies with people.

This is my page. Check it out. If you like it create a profile and I can give you a little reference (it helps). Feel free to message me about it if you like.

Sadly I wouldn't be able to attend a meeting, host, or travel in general at the moment due to my current situation (it would be a really interesting experience and I hope to be able to try this someday). I think I'll set up an account in the morning seeing as you noted that you don't have to do any of those things to participate in their community. Thank you! (I also read through your couchsurfer profile and I'm impressed. That is a LOT of traveling.)

I don't seek out atheists specifically as there are many other better reasons to develop friendships. Do you have any specific recreational interests or hobbies? In small town Amerika you will face lots of restrictions compared to a larger city. Are you in college or high school? If there is a local Topix for your community; you could post there for feedback. Do it anonymously though. Good luck. 

Sorry, I didn't mean it as I was trying to find and only socialize with other Atheists. I figured that finding someone like minded in that aspect could be a nice change. Anyways, I'm interested in Computer Science, Penetration Testing, Science, I love learning new things and trying new things if possible. I don't really have any specific preferences as to what I like to do though. It's something different every day.

You're certainly right about the small town restrictions. Also, I am currently a junior in high school. I looked online and found that the local news paper does have a "Topix" section on their website. It looks mildly active so it wouldn't hurt to try. Do you have any ideas on what I could say in it? Thank you by the way, I really appreciate it.

You might want to mention your interested in meeting other individuals who consider themselves "freethinkers" and are looking for engaging conversation. This helps avoid the tag of atheism which has so many negative connotations to many members of small town America. 


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