I started a poll this morning and was interested to find out that some atheist here believe that an adult 'believer' is less intelligent than a 'non-believer'.

I want to extend that question a little.

This article was mentioned in Richard Dawkins's book "The God Delusion" (or maybe it's the other way around) and also happens to be one of the reasons for my poll.

After reading this part of the book, I started to ask myself if intelligence really has anything to do with it.
I know that some are just flat out stupid, but can't that be said about every group? Seriously, how many atheists do you know that claim it just b/c their big brother or friends are... or call themselves atheist b/c it's becoming a fairly popular thing in the younger generation? How many claim it to rebel against the authority in their life?

These reasons have nothing to do with intelligence. They are the result of emotional decisions made early in life. Sure, they may be better in the long run for it, but it is not the result of 'higher' intelligence.

Could adult Christians believe the way they do b/c they were simply brainwashed and trained to think that way? Has their level of intelligence been suppressed or do they just not feel it necessary to challenge what has been so rigorously ingrained in their heads from childhood?

What do you think?

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The title sounds familiar, I'll have to check it out.
You said:
"The most interesting observation that I made was that the more one learns of the universe, the further one must range from a literal interpretation of the bible."

I agree with this statement 100% and unfortunately a majority of people in the world will never learn enough about astronomy to understand that... at least not in my lifetime.

It's been a good discussion. Thank you for your opinions; they were well delivered.
great pic doone. Gah This is a good discussion. Doone's point of view is very valid. Not everyone that goes to church is dumb. But I would say the atheist I know (outside the site friends) are pretty smart. (smarter then most christians I know) and I am talking about college ivy grad students
I know many intelligent people who are religious. However, even though they are intelligent their opinions are still influenced by the church.
yup, the priest that gave sermon last time is intelligent in a lot of areas, but i guess it's very not nice of him to say that the only beautiful music to listen to in this world is christian music =(
Christian music is terrible. Even if I were a christian I would still think christian music is terrible.
What I think:

It depends on who you're talking about. There's simply no excuse for the staggering amount of breathtaking stupidity--yes, stupidity--consistently thrust upon society by fundamentalists on the religious right. Give me an example of how atheists as a whole are less intelligent than these people, as a group, and I'll give you a dozen examples in return for each one you provide. Do note that offering them a mere 12:1 stupid-ratio is philanthropy-level generosity.
I don't think either group can be found to be more or less intelligent, let alone trying to prove it.

I'll go ahead and agree that the Fundamentalists of these groups have some serious mental illnesses. They should all be institutionalized.
Not on both sides. Last I checked, atheists weren't trying to turn this country into the United States of God Hates Fags.
You mean both sides, as in theist and atheist? Agreed. I consider the fundamentalists of the atheist side are people like Bill Maher. Our fundies are harmless.. though they may be an assholes. I would rather deal with an asshole atheist than a car bombing, clinic burning, 'god fearing' nutjob.

I said "these groups" meaning religious groups.
Chiz ,
I'm always happy with a discussion that leaves me with something to think about . Cheers, 7/10
But wouldn't that just mean that they are more curious, and not more intelligent? What does curiosity have to do with how well you grasp physical sciences, math, english or history?

Going back to the conversation I had with SevenTenths, I think Christians choose not to apply logic to areas they are comfortable with. I think their belief is one of convenience and comfort. I don't think they have attempted to apply logic to the "big question".
This discussion will never bring you the answer you seek, only arguments. I would agree that curiosity is a mark of higher intelligence, but I sense that you'll be less than satisfied and reticent to agree. A metric is required to tell the tale and that metric is an IQ test score...


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