I just picked up a bible i found at my bf's mom's and decided to read it.
Is God supposed to be a man? It really doesn't make any sense. It says that god created Adam in the image of himself so I guess he's at least supposed to be man-like but they kind of also convey that he's a spirit. I mean he created the heavens and the earth and all of our animals. He can't just be a man. But then after Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge, God comes walking along in the garden and he's fucking looking for adam? I mean, he's God. Shouldn't he know where Adam is? Shouldn't he already know that they ate the fucking fruit?
And God walks? If God walks and stands on shit what the fuck was he standing before he made the world?

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That makes sense. And your blog was really interesting, thankyou.
A lot of it makes more sense knowing that.
But I still really don't get get god walking in the garden in adam and eve. I tried googling it and I found christian "apologetic" sites that try to to say god wasn't literally walking. But I think it's very clear that it was literal. I mean, he was walking through the garden actually looking for adam. If he weren't a man, he would have known were adam was.
There are so many points in the bible (or in genesis atleast which I'm almost done reading now) where god seems to just show up and ask whats going on. I mean, I know he's not supposed to be a literal person at those points but it just seems silly.
Okay, that makes more sense. I was reading it with the concept of god being some kind of spirit. I guess the biggest reason it doesn't make sense is because it's not true.
What's up with people like Noah living 800 years? I guess in the bible it's because god made adam and eve to be immortal until they ate from the tree. But there can't possibly be any truth in that? Some of these websites claim that people in ancient sumeria lived to be hundreds of years old.
I'm sorry if my questions sound stupid.
actually the same website claims that the reason we don't think dinosaurs and people could have lived together is because "dinosaurs look mean"

And I know that you basically already said that about god. but for some reason I didn't get it until the second time. ha. sorry.
is the beginning of Genesis as far as you got through the bible?
If so, I highly suggest reading a lot more. will find a world of contradictions, and when theists argue with you you will have an idea of what they are talking about.
So far it is. haha I plan on reading all of it. I'll probably at least read a lot of it. It's just I've never tried reading it before. And now like 4 pages in I can't believe how obviously bullshit it is. I don't know how people can stand by any of it. At least what I've read so far.
I just wanted to take a break and ask about god walking through the garden of eden.
Next, you should read the book of Mormon. Talk about bullshit. After that, you will lose faith in humanity.
Then the Koran while you're at it. It's next on my list. the Torah, you don't really need it from a Jew's perspective..the old testament will suffice.


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