So Rick Perry, Governator of Reason, or Texas, said that the Oil Spill in the Gulf may have been "just an act of God" that could not have been prevented. I ask, "Sir, are you shitting me?" While accidents happen. You have material failures, Mechanical failures, Engineering Failures, and plain ole dumb moves that could come from a 1000 people whom deal with a Oil Platform from it's inception to use, none of those problems come from an "act of God". There is always a step, or series of steps that cause problems. The biggest disaster I've been involved in was predictable, predicted, and could have been prevented, but egos and money got in the way. The lack of understanding fostered stupid accusations and claims that took two years and millions in attorney's fees to sort out. Could have just read my statement to Labor and Industries... done deal. 

Often we hear that term, "act of god", and it drives me nuts, which just reminds of this cheesy pirate walks into a bar with a ships wheel for a belt buckle joke. The bartenders says, "What's with the ships wheel for a belt buckle?" Pirate responds, " I don't know, but she's drivin' me nuts." My favorite cheesy joke. But what's with the act of god? Is there really anything that we can point to as an "act of god"? If there is, is there anything that we can't point to as an "act of god"? Why seek reasons for anything? Would you be looking to subvert God's will if you could? Seems like it's a get out of jail where you can and "I don't have to change my ways," card more than anything else. 

I don't know if this is really a discussion topic here on TA, but it drives me nuts! and I had to say so.   

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Wow, that's rich. At least reserve "Act of God" for natural disasters. (Despite the fact that we understand how and why they happen naturally)
If you're a believer, is there anything that isn't an act of God?
Maybe if an inexplicable pillar of fire had descended from the sky and blew up the oil rig, we could consider an act of some higher and unreasonably malevolent power as an option. But considering what actually happend isn't anywhere near inexplicable, I'm going to have to call bullshit and ask that either this ignorant asstard and all people like him be removed from power, or that texas as a whole be kicked out of the union.
Seems to me Perry is using the phrase as a means of denying anyone, especially British Petroleum, is at fault. As you said, there are so many things which have the potential to go wrong, from mechanical failure to human error and it's just the height of ignorance to state this disaster is the will of an invisible supernatural agent. But then it is Rick Perry we're talking about and as a resident of the state of Texas I've had the misfortune of observing his utter stupidity up close for practically a full decade. :/
Bingo. If it is an act of a malevolent deity, then the people who were calling for more off-shore drilling can claim that it's not that the off-shore drilling was dangerous, it's all God's Will(tm).
A few of you have touched on this already, but I couldn't restrain my fingers.

This is a prime example of the psychology of the believer. Anything and everything is considered "an act of god" or a "blessing" or a "curse" etc. But when you get the chance to explain to them how their thought or comment is flawed, they may concede, but there are a million little stories or "pseudo-facts" they have stored up in their heads to keep the lie of religion propped up. It's not the quality of the evidence it's the quantity.

I would argue that even the stories they admit are baseless, are reinstated later, because in the back of their mind, they still haven't discounted it. If you could see into their brains, you would see the thought slowly reappear over time. It's like a self healing psychosis.

I have had the same arguments over and over with Theists. You can pile on facts, figures, logic and common sense and it either goes back to GODDAMN FAITH or they concede out of exhaustion. But it always comes back! Children like Ray Comfort, Kent Hovind, and the like, keep piling on these little lies like the "banana theory" (if you haven't seen it it is a doosy).............and, you know what , what is a believer to do? You have an eternity in Hell to compete with, the shame and guilt associated with coming out as a non-believer and back tracking nearly all of your way of thinking, not to mention the language you use. For what they may ask? To a believer the concept of facts is moot. They believe in a being that can bend facts, figures and logic and reason to his will. They say, "So, what if this doesn't make sense! God made the world to be a confusing place. It's designed to make you question him. This world is fleeting and your so called logic and reasoning don't stand a chance against my God."


We must press on, though. This is not a matter of being right or wrong. This is a matter of children being molested by priests that are entrusted in their care, this is about religious wars on all sides of the globe, it's about education and the fight against uneducated guessing games. But don't forget the real reason we don't believe, true internal happiness. We tend to forget that that is really why we remain non-believers. I remember being taught for so many years that the non-believer was a miserable wretch that spent all day and night trying to disprove god. That he/she was dejected, dispirited, down, indented and low. I have never been happier since I released the yoke of religion from around my minds neck. And I believe, that if it felt as awful as we were taught, I dare say, that many of us would have turned back and begged the god that abandoned logic and reason in order to exist in the first place, for forgiveness. But it is not that way.

I am from Texas so Perry gets me pissed!
If you could see into their brains, you would see the thought slowly reappear over time.

Are you talking about mom? Because, if you are... I've definitely witnessed the regeneration of an idea I destroyed in our last conversation. Those damn thoughts are like lizard tails!
Saying "act of God" is probably easier to say than "random occurrence of the physical universe" even if you don't believe that God does these things or even believe in God.

Screw it. I'm going to use the term "act of Zeus" from now on. XD
I guess God hates sea life. I really thought dolphins would avoid his wrath...
I consider dolphins superior to people. I have a vision of an advanced dolphin race heading into outerspace to kick God's ass. And Albert Einstein is their leader.
Wouldn't that be awesome?! I wish dolphins would save the planet. I just saw a TED talk on how we've wrecked the ocean and, not only is it heartbreaking, it's also terrifying.
I watched my friend get raped by a dolphin once.
Apparently they are attracted to the color pink.
(I don't actually know if they are attracted to the color pink or not, but that's what the pissing-himself-from-laughter-DM said.)


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