Nebraska to Screen Women Seeking Abortions?

In an unprecedented move, lawmakers in Nebraska have passed a measure requiring women seeking abortions to be screened for possible mental and physical problems. The bill is
expected to become law this summer, and it will require health
professionals to investigate whether women seeking abortions were
pressured into having the procedure, and whether they’re likely to
experience mental or physical side-effects after the procedure. Doctors
would be required to explain potential risks to patients, but could
still perform the abortion.</i>

Thoughts? Opinions?

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It's an attempt at inserting the thin edge of the wedge. First, question the sanity of anyone who wishes to investigate getting an abortion. Next, place their people (fundamentalists all) into positions where they are the ones who judge the woman's sanity, based on their Biblical values rather than any actual science.
If she's insane, shouldn't she not have a child? I mean, stupid people breed all the time... but those screenings would make more sense if they were advising against having children for those not mentally capable of raising them! Jeez.
Mental or physical side-effects of abortion vs mental/physical/financial capacity to raise a child effectively? Still who would evaluate, based on what criteria?
I think that sometimes just going through that kind of screening would be traumatizing. I suppose there are women out there that have abortions without much thought, but most women agonize over making the right decision and are already seven levels of freaked out.


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