So it would seem abortion is now a forgiveable sin in this upcoming holy year of mercy...

Sayeth the Pope himself.

What do you think of this? It's almost more insulting than the original saying that abortion is an unforgiveable sin. This way it's "up to the archdioses" or "up to the priest that they "may" grant forgiveness...." So Woman A may be forgiven, but not Woman B...I wonder what criteria they use to forgive some but not all women for this unspeakable sin, (sarcasm)...

May the Lord be with you.

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How's that approach working out for them?

STDs and unwanted pregnancies appear to be the result of that approach. A simple condom can address those a tad better than "Ooh, don't do it" will ever achieve.

@FreeThinker784 (moving up to the top level) - It is in the 20th week of development that a fetus can make voluntary movement and when it can react to pain...Since the majority of abortions occur in the first 12 weeks, a fetus is not considered  alive at this stage.....Also, at 20 weeks, the fetus  is not able to survive outside the womb...

If pain is the main issue then if we could anesthetize the fetus we could abort it, right?

At the 20th week the fetus can make "voluntary" movement. I hardly think that a fetus is volunteering a movement. It is probably more along the line of a spasm. 

The article I read stated that a fetus is able to move its leg, as in the kicking a mother feels....20th week is 5th month after all...

What in the article indicated that the motion was voluntary and not due to some involuntary contraction? Do you really imagine a fetus thinking "My leg is going to sleep. I'd better move it"? You might as well imagine salmon with a little balloon over their head as they think "I'm going upstream to spawn. Hope I don't run into any bears!"

Since the brain is not fully functional at 20 weeks,I tend to agree with you....The article did state that all organs are fully functional by 26 weeks.....At 20 weeks, it is more likely involuntary movement....

I'm not sure any movement is voluntary until the baby is born and gets some understanding of the world outside the womb, however basic. Any parent knows that newborns kick, but unless it's kicking to accomplish something in particular, I hesistate to call it anything other than involuntary. 

This looks like a rather interesting lawsuit - Catholic hospitals better pay attention. I'm certainly going to watch this space for details :)

Hey, if the patient is a theist who believes they'll get to go live by God, I've got no problem with it. Let 'em be intellectually consistent.

funny those theists wearing seat belts really, with all that heaven waiting. Although it's probably because they know gravity is only a theory. :)


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